Culture of the Russian people

For the Western civilization culture of Russia is mysterious and enigmatic. Just Russia for a long time was in deep isolation from the whole world; in addition, to views of a Western man have great influence Hollywood movies. But the reality is quite different. Look at the map of this country – it’s truly awesome. Its size is just incredible! Although this article is dedicated to culture, but we think such an important geographical feature of Russia necessarily needs to be noted.

Throughout its history this country protected as could its huge territories of many attacks. Besides, Russia had to contain its population only due to internal resources. All this had to be done in extremely difficult climatic conditions with very severe winters. Taken together, these factors make this nation one of the most enduring and full of nationalism among all world nations.

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The essence of culture

Different people define the culture in different ways, and yet the whole gist of it is in those particular aspects of definite country, which make it completely or partially unique. The culture is very similar to a living organism - it just always growing, always changing. Russian culture keeps rich folk traditions and history, and keeps at all levels - from state to usual street, from large concert halls to the smallest cafe or shop. Let's together closely look out for this amazing people and their culture. We hope you’ll also be able to appreciate all the beauty of this country.

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The essence of the Russian culture

What are the main features, defining the concept of "Russian"? What could be taken from all of this that it helped you to develop romantic, business or any other relationships with a Russian person? We want to give you such the information about Russian culture, which could really tell you about that really warm atmosphere, existing among the majority of Russian society. We pick up for you here standard versions of the Russian culture keepers.

Because of the many ethnic groups, residing in Russia today, cultural differences can vary greatly, depending on your location. Also, a lot depends on with whom you are communicating. And yet, be sure that our information will certainly help you to feel much more confident in Russia. After all, no matter where they live, most Russian people are united by common cultural traditions.

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The Russian culture at the official level

The culture of any country is officially determined by the entire legal system and government. This is especially true in Russia, where after collapsing of the USSR many changes in the culture of this country have happened. The state continues to evolve, rapidly changing and adapting to global trends. Only time will clearly show how deeply all these new changes will affect the Russian people, who are very conservative in their most part.

The most significant difference of Russian culture from the western one is that state for Russians always means much more, than any human being. The second important factor in Russian culture is their bright nationalism, as evidenced also by their official symbols: the Russian flag, national anthem and emblem.

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Historical aspects of Russian culture

It is well known: the culture has always influenced by events, taking place in society. Events not usual, but very significant, changing the people and country face dramatically and forever. Namely these events are engraved in the country history, and hence in its culture. Most often, the culture is affected by major events: war, economic downturns, natural disasters and a variety of shocks. Less pronounced is influence of other, not so obvious "historical aspects". All of these influences are transmitted to future generations through traditions. Russian traditions are very diverse and very plentiful.

One of the most important traditions of the Russian people is the Russian "bania" (i. e. bathing). Obvious mode of cultural heritage transmission is telling of different oral stories. Listening and reading such stories is an excellent way to comprehend Russian people’s soul and prepare you mentally for Russian-speaking environment. Apparently many centuries’ state oppression on the Russian people (including the Mongol invaders), as well as centuries of serfdom, was not in vain. Unfortunately even today Russian person feel himself insignificant before the state machine.

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Public culture of the Russian people and its manifestation in the media

Casual, contemporary culture shape trends from the past and the present, formed by literature, television, theater, sports, music, movies, and many other art areas. And yet, today great influences on Russian culture have external sources, coming from other countries. For example, a huge influence has Hollywood. However, it strongly affects cultures not only of Russia but also of the most countries. And yet Russia has so rich its own achievements in different fields of science, arts and sports that its culture does not disappear without a trace (at least, for the moment).

On the contrary - Russian culture continues to thrive, probably due to the long period of isolation. Culture of each country has its own mysterious, special and intriguing aspects. Likewise, at Russians: it happens so that other people do not always understand the essence of some things and phenomena and cannot explain them. For example: Russian superstition, their humor, "matryoshka" (it’s a Russian doll) or "ushanka" (it's such a fur hat). In such cases people usually say: what can be done - it's just a Russian!

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