Russian language and its transliteration

What is transliteration, what is this notion for? A system of transliteration itself is intended for writing letters and words of some language by means of another language letter symbols. It will help us to write Russian letters through our native English characters.

Why transliteration is so useful?

Where the skills to use transliteration can be useful? So, with their help you can write to your Russian friend large text messages straightly on your phone (SMS), because not all cell phones and not always support Cyrillic symbols in e-mail or SMS services. Just transliteration will give you the opportunity of writing Russian phrases or separate words through English letters.

Besides, note that even when you’re writing your email address via Cyrillic alphabet, the addressee in Russia may be unable to read it. In reality problems occur in some browsers, often frustrating both members. That's why the best way (if you’re going to write letters in Russian) will be following our 2 recommendations:

  • The best way will be to write a letter using a text editor and then send it as an attachment. (Text editors usually normally read Cyrillic symbols).
  • Mailing address enter by using the English alphabet in such way, as described below.

What transliteration system is best?

To write any Russian words and phrases with the help of Latin characters there are several different systems created. We offer you systems that are used for this most often, and at the same time they are the most clear for today. Do you want to learn more about the transliteration technique of English letters in Russian ones? There is an excellent article about it in Wikipedia - read it, please. If you do not want to search any information about this topic then use a transliteration system, given below.

Ukrainian/ English LOC Russian/ English LOC
a a a a
б b б b
в v в v
г h г g
ґ g д d
д d e e
e e ё e
є ie ж zh
ж zh з z
з z и i
и y й i
і i к k
ї ї or i л l
й i м m
к k н n
л l о o
м m п p
н n р r
о o с s
п p т t
р r у u
с s ф f
т t х kh
у u ц ts
ф f ч ch
х kh ш sh
ц ts щ shch
ч ch ъ
ш sh ы y
щ shch ь '
ю iu э e
я ia ю iu
ь ' я ia