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Do you know what the biggest mistake in viewing male psychology is? It states that men mostly are selfish creatures who are only eager for random relationships without obligations with some top models from adult magazines. This statement gives a really wrong impression on both men and women, and the quantity of different dating agencies and websites is a certain proof of this fact.

Uadreams is one of the largest match-making agencies in Ukraine. For more than 10 years it provides reliable excellent services and conditions in helping people from all corners of the world to find their happiness and love. Thousands of men from various European countries and across the ocean are looking forward to meeting beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women who are eager to tie a knot with a real “Western man”. Uadreams website gallery contains more than 1000 profiles of single women from 13 biggest cities of Ukraine. Some users may complain via discussion on different forums that it is not so much for an agency stating that they are not just a regularly dating site but the first-rate match-making operator. As a matter of fact the explanation is quite simple. You may try using another free of charge sites with many thousands of model-looking ladies in them and in the end just lose much more money to scammers who are just crowding such websites.

So, why Uadreams? Uadreams has established its branches all over Ukraine and welcomed thousands of members all over the world. Such rare top-rated websites are strictly monitoring all the members, when accepting them for their gallery. All the women are checked for their background and matrimony status in order to avoid the possibility of getting a scammer among the ranks of those who are honestly looking for a foreign husband. All the services are for free for ladies there. They don't have to pay for correspondence forwarding, translation, video and photo shooting. Uadreams profiles contain documentary confirmed information about their age, citizenship, marital status, children etc. Also confidentiality is of highest priority for the agency. The advanced UA Dream anti-scam programs are used for tracking down swindlers and just non-serious ladies and they are efficiently removed from the system. Of cause even in that case you can't have 100% safety guarantee but it noticeably reduces your odds of becoming a scammer's victim.

So, how to get acquainted and start communication with a lady from Ukraine? For male customers the agency offers various discounts for purchasing in bulk and a 20% discount for any purchase within one month. Uadreams customers are provided with a daily opportunity to write one first letter for free to any new lady. Of cause writing letters is a good start but it is not enough. Video Chat is an excellent opportunity to have a proper date for two people separated by great distances. The site offers its users a convenient "credit" system. A customer is able to buy certain e-mail, video chat and photo credits and use them for his convenience. Moreover, big holidays are celebrated with gifting the free credits to all the customers.

Uadreams provides a large variety of cervices ranging from offering a safe and convenient environment for communication, additional complementary services and exchanging gifts, language lessons for ladies, interpreter’s translation, to arranging your trip to any part of Ukraine for meeting your lady on a real date. Think of rainbows and unicorns and Uadreams will take care of everything else!

Have you got a question or you are not able to handle some problem situation? All you need is to contact Uadreams Members Support Center and they'll gladly assist you in handling tasks of any degree of complexity.

The Uadreams staff proudly states that major part of their male members are pleased with agency's services and readily provide their recommendations and testimonials, demonstrating their happily married families.

Some foreign dating sites and forums have special threads, discussing Uadreams and other match-making agencies. Most often the new members are worried if such sites are not scam, if the women are real and what kind of services are they paying for. Sadly, those forum threads are often filled with negative comments of people who somehow gained negative experience with online dating agencies. They are trying hard to convince the newcomers to give up of the idea of becoming customers of match-making agencies. Also there are people who know people who know… after all they usually have no experience of their own but are gladly retelling the stories of other people without referring to some vital details which possibly played the essential role in mentioned events. So, this is the apparent way of creating different rumors and misunderstandings.

But what of those who were able to make their dreams come true and found personal happiness? Do they have their own place to tell others their happily ended stories? Yes, of cause. Uadreams site has a special webpage dedicated to all kinds of testimonials from their grateful members. Not all of them are just published posts expressing people’s “thank you” but also video records and handwritten letters scans.

Now, are you looking for a special person who will become your trusted partner and friend and will bring light and joy in to your life? Are you a single Ukrainian woman longing for a change in your life and a real man by your side? Then you are welcome to Uadreams and may all your fondest dreams come true!

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I forgot my password and wrote two times to their support and still got no answer! And I forgot my password button doesn't help!!! Is anybody there?
Travis P.

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I need find a good loving woman i feel lonely. Help???!!! :)

thanks for good service, solved my problem with emails in a flash :D

I really can't understand those people who are so naive or stupid to let those sites fool them and take their money. Love, relationships, family? Yes, of cause, just pay cash! All those sites are made for one purpose. They and those women of theirs (or maybe men - how to tell who writes all those letters for you?) are just greedy, dishonest money-sucking vampires. You still beleive in fairy tales and twoo wuv? Wanna bet those beautiful princesses are ready to kiss any ugly toad for his money.