The most popular Russian words

This section is dedicated to the most common words of everyday Russian language, which greatly enhance your ability of speaking in Russian. Learning of all languages on earth, including Russian, begins with an acquaintance with words like these. Such words are very important because they widely used by most people in everyday life. This number of commonly used words can provide more support during the period when you are not able to socialize in Russia freely.

These words contribute to pick up popular phrases and somehow keep the conversation going; because any language serves only in order that people understood each other. And namely frequently used words help to establish the very first communication. The study of a small number of common words gives you the opportunity to understand any Russian-speaking person much deeper than you could ever before!

Russian word English translation Part of speech
знать to know, be aware verb
мой my, mine pronoun
до to, up to, about, before preposition
или or conjunction
если if conjunction
время time, season noun
рука hand, arm noun
нет no, not, but negation
самый most, the very, the same pronoun
ни not a, not, neither… nor conj, particle
стать to become, begin, come verb
большой big, large, important adjective
даже even particle
другой other, another, different pronoun
наш our, ours pronoun
свой my, our, your pronoun
ну now, right, well, come on interj, particle
под under, for, towards, to preposition
где where adverb
дело business, affair, matter noun
есть to eat, to be verb
сам myself, yourself pronoun
раз time, once, since noun, adverb
чтобы that, in order that conjunction, particle
два two cardinal number
там there, then adverb
чем than; instead of conjunction, particle
глаз eye; sight noun
жизнь life noun
первый first, front, former adjective, number
день day noun
тут here, now, then adverb
во in, at; super, exactly preposition, particle
ничто nothing pronoun
потом afterwards, then adverb
очень very adverb
со with preposition
хотеть to want, like verb
ли whether, if conj, particle
при attached to, in the presence of, by, about; masterrussian, dot com preposition
голова head, mind, brains noun
надо over, above, ought to prep, verb
без without preposition
видеть to see verb
идти to go, come verb
теперь now, nowadays adverb
тоже also, as well, too adverb
стоять to stand, be, stand up verb
друг friend noun
дом house, home noun