Russian course for men

Hello, welcome everyone to our Russian language course for men. I am the site administrator. I decided to create this course (together with audio files) proceeding from my personal experience of relations with one of the Russian women. Of course, when I just started communicate with her I was very pleased with this fun adventure. However, as it turned out, it was not so easy. It had begun a series of not very pleasant experiences, up to stressful situations (reaching up the complete confusion) - especially when it started to go well and came to dating.

I would like, as well as all men, to enjoy by the really interesting and exciting communication, but the proverbial language barrier completely spoiled all impressions. My girlfriend and I could never fully relax on our dates, having plunged into the sea of pleasure. There had often been occurred all sorts of misunderstandings, it was completely lacked the ability to discuss with a woman the things which I really wanted to talk. I had to learn Russian for several years, and this was despite the fact that I had known Russian pretty well before.

And yet I understood that I didn’t know spoken Russian namely in the field of dating, I just did NOT know what to say on a date. All usual language courses, including books, taught to speak only in some common situations. However, they are not able to help us in such a truly important matter as romantic relationships and dating. I had to spend a lot of time on my own little success attempts to translate with dictionaries; I also used to invite teachers to help me (and it's pretty embarrassing, If you consider that discussed issues were very personal). In addition, the whole process had been long and tedious.

After I was very tired of all this, I really wanted someone to put together all the right words and phrases in one place and taught them to me! Just at that moment I was struck by the thought that namely I had to create such a language course that would help people in the situation in which I was then. I wanted to create a course, helping the rest people to get acquainted easily and nice talk with a Russian partner directly, without dictionaries, translators and unnecessary witnesses!

For what purpose we have created our course

We decided to develop this language course for those English-speaking men who are in close communication with the Russian-speaking women, and are going to meet them in real life. Certainly, our course is also suitable for those who want to learn just a little talking in Russian. After learning of our Russian language course, you will become much more confident in yourself, when you want to communicate with a Russian girl. You will be able to get maximum pleasure, when you meet with her, and minimum of unpleasant stressful situations.

So, thanks to our course you will be able:

  • Save for yourself a lot of personal time, than in the case if you’ll study Russian language yourself.
  • To avoid the need to invite a teacher or interpreter that’ll help you in communication. Thus, your personal relationships will remain only between you and your girl.
  • You will learn about things that are everyday but the really important part of any love relationship.
  • Having learned to communicate in Russian, you’ll achieve sharp improvements in your relationship with your partner; you’ll enjoy together with her by light and calm mutual communication.
  • This knowledge will bring you a lot of new interesting abilities, which you can use when meeting and dating.
  • Having mastered our course, you’ll make to your Russian partner a pleasant surprise, and it will dramatically increase your chances on a favorable outcome of your relationship. Indeed, the ability to speak in her native language immediately lifts you to new heights, in your girl's eyes.

Until then,

Best wishes and good luck with your Russian!


Introduction part – GREETINGS

To greet a person you know well, say zdravstvuj (ZDRAH-stvooy) (hello) or privyet! (pree-V'EHT) (Hi!). To greet people you don't know well (or a group of people), say zdravstvujtye (ZDRAH-stvooy-t'eh) (hello).

Note that the first letter v in zdravstvujtye is silent. Otherwise, it would be hard even for Russians to pronounce!

Here are some other ways to greet people, depending on what time of day it is:

Dobroye utro! DOHB-ruh-eh OO-truh! Good morning!
Dobryj dyen'! DOHB-rihy d'ehn'! Good afternoon!
Dobryj vyechyer! DOHB–rihy V'EH-ch'ehr! Good evening!

Making a good first impression is important for the beginning of any relationship. In English, introducing yourself is the best way to start a conversation with somebody you don't know. Not so in Russian. Russians like to begin with first suggesting to get acquainted. They have two ways to say this:

Davajtye poznakomimsya! duh-vahy-t'eh puhz-nuh- koh-meem-suh! Let's get acquainted! [formal/plural]
Davaj poznakomimsya! duh-vahy puhz-nuh koh-meem-suh! Let's get acquainted! [informal]

If somebody says one of these phrases to you, you should politely accept the suggestion by saying:

Davajtye! duh-vahy-t'eh! Okay! [literally: Let's!] [formal/plural]
Davaj! duh-vahy! Okay! [literally: Let's!] [informal]

Once you've agreed to become acquainted, it's time to exchange names. The following phrases will help keep the introductions rolling.

Myenya zovut . . . Mee-N'AH zah-VOOT . . . My name is . . .
Kak vas zovut? kahk vahz zah-VOOT? “What is your name?” (literally: What do they call you? [formal])
Kak tyebya zovut? kahk tee-B'AH zah-VOOT? “What is your name?” (literally: What do they call you? [informal])
Eto moj znakomyj EH-tuh mohy znuh-KOH-mihy This is my acquaintance [m]
Eto moya znakomaya EH-tuh mah-YA znuh-KOH-muh-yuh This is my acquaintance [f]

After you're introduced to someone, you may want to say, “Nice to meet you” which is ochyen' priyatno (OH-cheen' pree-YAT-nuh) (literally: very pleasant) in Russian. The person you've been introduced to may then reply mnye tozhye (mnye TOH-zheh) (same here).

Greetings and introductions are usually accompanied by a "How are you?" The most common ways to ask how someone is doing are:

Kak dyela? kahk dee-LAH? How are you? [informal]
Kak vy pozhivayetye? kahk vih puh-zhih-VAH-eh-t'eh? How are you? [formal]

As you'd expect, when someone asks you how you're doing, there are many possible responses.

Khorosho khuh-rah-shoh good
Normal'no nahr-mahl'-nuh normal or okay
Nichyego nee-chee-voh so-so [literally: nothing]
Nyeplokho nee-ploh-khuh not bad

The common response for this is to ask the person how he or she's doing. Simply say A u vas? (ah oo vahs?) (And you? [formal]) or A u tyebya? (ah oo tee-B'AH?) (And you?)

Tender forms of greeting your lady

ДОброе Утро! DObroye Utro! Good Morning. Morning.
ДОбрый день! DObriy den'! Good day
ДОбрый вЕчер! DObriy vEcher! Good afternoon. Good evening.
ДОброй нОчи! Dobroy nOchi! Good night.
ЗдрАвствуйте! Как делА? ZdrAvstvuyte! KAk delA? How do you do?
ПривЕт! PrivEt! Hello. Hi.
ДобрО пожАловать! DabrO pozhAlovat'! Welcome.
Как поживаешь? Kak pozhivAesh? How are you?
Как ты себя чувствуешь? KAk ty sebyA chUvstwuesh? How are you feeling?
Надеюсь, ты себя хорошо чувствуешь. NadEyus',ty sebyA haroshO chUvstwuesh. I hope you are feeling well.
Да, кАжется не Очень хорошО. Da, kAzhetsya, ne Ochen' haroshO. Not too well, I'm afraid.
Как поживаешь? KAk pozhivAesh? How are you getting on?
Как ты поживаешь? KAk ty pozhivAesh? How have you been keeping?
Как дела? KAk delA? How is everything?
ВполнЕ ХорошО, спасибо. А как ты? VpolnE haroshO, spasIbo. A ty? Pretty fair, thank you. And what about you?
Хорошо, а как ты? Harosho, a kak tY? Fine, and how are you?
ТАк себе. TAk sebe. So-so.
НеплОхо. NeplOho. Not too bad.
Как твоё здоровье? KAk tvoyO zdorOv'e? What about your health?
Ты не болеешь? Ty ne bolEesh? Aren't you sick?
Всё в порядке? VsyO v poryAdke? Is everything all right?
Ты в порядке? Ty v poryAdke? Are you OK?
Утебя правда всё хорошо? U tebyA prAvda vsyO horoshO? Are you really OK?

Giving Russian Compliments and Praise

Whether it is the special Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, you always have several ways to express your feelings through a sincere compliment.

Responses to Compliments in Russian

At last, here are some responses to compliments that people make to you. We call them the most reciprocal compliments.

Спасибо! Spahseebah Thank you!
Ну что вы! Nooshtovi Oh, come!
Приятно это слышать Preeyahtnah etah slishat' Nice to hear that
Вы тоже хорошо выглядите Vi tozhe khahrahsho vigleedeetyeh You look good too

Compliments on a Person's Relatives and Friends

You can also relate a compliment to a person's relatives and close friends. This compliment will be the most familial.

У вас прелестный ребёнок Oo vahs preelyehsniy reebyonahk You have a lovely child
У вас очаровательная жена Oo vahs ahcheerahvahteel'nahyah zheenah You have a charming wife
У тебя очень умный муж Oo teebyah ocheen' oomniy moozh You have a very intelligent husband

Compliments on Style and Fashion

Compliments on appearance, hairdo and clothes are usually said to women. Try it, and you will have the most suitable compliment.

Вам идёт этот костюм Vahm eedyot etot kahstyoom You look very smart in this suit
Вам идёт эта прическа Vahm eedyot etah preechyoskah This hairstyle is just right for you
Вам к лицу эта блузка Vahm k leetsoo eta bloozkah This blouse looks well on you
Вы так элегантно одеты Vi tahk eleegahntnah ahdyehti You are so elegantly dressed
Вас красит улыбка Vahs krahseet oolibkah A smile becomes you

Compliments on Looks and Nature

You can also make a compliment by describing a person's features and qualities. You compliment will be the most faithful one.

У вас хорошее чувство юмора Oovahs kharosheyeh choostvah yoomahrah You have a fine sense of humor
У вас прекрасный вкус Oovahs preekrahsniy vkoos You are a person of refined taste
У вас хороший характер Oovahs khahroshiy khahrahktyehr You are good-natured
У вас хороший голос Oovahs khahroshiy golahs You have a good voice
У вас красивые волосы Oovahs krahseeviyeh volahsi You have beautiful hair
У вас красивые глаза Oovahs krahseeviyeh glahzah You have nice eyes

Compliments on a Person's Skills

You can use Russian verbs to positively comment on a person's qualities. Your compliment will be the most objective one.

Вы прекрасно танцуете Vi preekrahsnah tahntsooeetee You are a first-class dancer
Вы прекрасно перевели этот рассказ Vi preekrahsnah peereeveelee etot raskahz You've done an excellent job in translating this story
Вы хорошо переводите Vi khahrahsho peereevodeetyeh You're a good translator

Compliments to the Special Person

You can make compliments by directly pointing to a person's positive qualities. We call this way the most special one.

Ты превосходный музыкант Ti preevahskhodniy moozikahnt You are an outstanding musician
Ты прекрасный переводчик Ti preekrahsniy peereevodcheek You are a first-class interpreter
Ты хороший специалист Ti khahroshiy spetsiahlist You are a good specialist
Ты обаятельна Ti ahbahyahteel'na You are charming

Ты умная
to a female

Ты умный
to a male


Ti oomnahyah

Ti oomniy

You are an intelligent person


Ты самая красивая
to a female

Ты самый красивый
to a male


Ti sahmahyahkrahseevahyah

Ti sahmiy krahseeviy

You are the most beautiful (handsome)

Compliments on Appearance

When you meet a person after a long time of not seeing him/her, you can make a compliment about how well he/she looks. This is a way to make the best-looking compliment.

Кого я вижу! Сколько лет, сколько зим! А ты не меняешься. Время тебя не берёт! Kahvo yah veezhoo! Skol'kah lyeht, skol'kah zeem! Ah ti nyeh meenyaheeshsyah. Vryehmyah teebyah nee beeryot. Well, if it isn't John! How time flies! I haven't seen you for ages! Why, you haven't changed the least bit. You do wear well.
Вам не дашь ваших лет Vahm nee dahsh vahsheekh lyeht You don't look your age
Как вы хорошо выглядите после отпуска Kahk vi khahrahsho vigleedeetyeh poslee otpooskah You look so well after the holiday!
Ты так хорошо выглядишь Ti tahk khahrahsho vigleedeesh You look so well!
Ты прекрасно выглядишь Ti preekrahsnah vigleedeesh You look lovely
Ты хорошо выглядишь Ti khahrahsho vigleedeesh You look well
Ты выглядишь очень красиво Ti vigleedeesh ocheen' krahseevah You look very pretty

Tender forms of parting with your lady

Увидимся позднее. UvIdimsya pozdnEe. See you later.
До скорого свидания. Do skOrova svidAniya See you again.
До встречи. Do vstrEchi See you soon.
Пока. PokA Bye for now.
До свидания. Do svidAniya Good-bye.
Мне надо идти. Mne nAdo idtI I must be going.
Передавай привет ... PeredavAy privEt (less official way) My love to....
Передавай привет .. PeredavAy privEt..... Give my regards to..
Удачи! UdAchi! Good luck!
Всего наилучшего. VsegO nailUchshego. All the best.
Пока! PokA! Cheerio!
Береги здоровье! BeregI zdorOvie! Take care!
Не болей. Будь здорова. Ne bolEy. Bud' zdorOva. Keep well!
Счастливо оставаться! Schastliva ostavAt'sya! (In Response)
Счастливого пути! SchastlIvogo putI Have a comfortable journey!
Я позвоню тебе позднее. Ya pozvonyU tebE pozdnEe I'll call you later.
Надеюсь вскоре встретиться с тобой. NadEyus' vskOre vstrEtit'sya s tobOy I hope to see you soon.
Увидимся! UvIdimsya! See you!
Счастливо! SchastlIvo! Be happy!
Приятных снов! PriyAtnyh snOv! Sweet dreams!
Успехов! UspEhov! Have a success!
Это на память. Eto na pAmyat' It's for а keepsake.
Вот мой адрес. Vot moy Adres Here's my address.
Пиши. PishI Write me.
До новых встреч. Do nOvyh vstrEch! Till we meet again.

Useful words when you are calling your lady

Будьте добры, пригласите Елену. Bud'te dobri, priglasIte YelEnu. Be so kind, invite Helen.
Могу я услышать Елену? MagU ya uslIshat' YelEnu? May I hear Helen?
Пожалуйста, позовите Елену. PazshAlusta, pazavIte YelEnu. Please call Helen.
С кем я говорю? S kem ya gavaryU? Whom am I talking to?
Мне нужна Елена. Mne nuzshnA YelEna. I need to speak to Helen.
Здравствуйте. Елену, пожалуйста. ZdrAvstvuyte. YelEnu pazshAlusta. Good morning. Helen please.
Елена дома? YelEna dOma? Is Helen at home?
Елену можно? YelEnu mOzhno? May I speak to Helen?
Можно Елену? MOzhno YelEnu? May I speak to Helen?
Можно поговорить с Еленой? MOzhno pagavarIt' s YelEnoy? May I speak to Helen?
Aлло! AllO! Hello!
Дайте код Москвы. Dayte kod MoskvY Will you give me the area code of Moscow?
Как позвонить Тане? Kak pazvanIt' Tane? How do you call Tanya?
Дайте мне её номер телефона Dayte mne eyO nOmer telefOna Will you give me her number?
Какой у вас номер? KakOy u vas nOmer? What is your phone number?
Как пользоваться этим телефоном? KakpOl'zovat'sya Etim telefOnom? How does one use this phone?
Примите,пожалуйста, заказ на разговор с Екатеринбургом PrimIte, pazhAlusta, zakazna razgovOr s EkaterinbUrgom Would you please book me a call through to Ekaterinburg?
Мне нужно позвонить в Екатеринбург Mne nUzhno pazvanIt' v EkaterinbUrg I want to put a call through to Ekaterinburg
Здравствуйте. Мне нужно поговорить с Еленой. ZdrAvstvuyte. Mne nUzshno pagavarIt' s YelEnoy. Good morning. I need to speak to Helen.
Извините, вы ошиблись. IzvinIte, vY oshIblis' Sorry, wrong number.
Абонент занят. AbonEnt zAnyat The number is engaged.
Вас вызывает Екатеринбург. Vas vyzyvAyet Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg is on line.
Кто говорит? Kto govorIt? Who is speaking?
Она там? AnA tam? Is she there?
Я бы хотел поговорить с Ольгой Ya by hotyEl pagavarIt' s Ol'goy I'd like to speak to Olga
Позовите, пожалуйста, Веру PazavIte,pazhAlusta, Veru Could I speak to Vera?
Это Наташа? Eto NatAsha? Is that Natasha?
Это говорит Джэйсон/td> Eto gavarIt Dzheison This is Jason
Говорите громче. GavarIte grOmche Speak up!
Я не могу разобрать, что ты говоришь. Ya ne magU razobrAt', chto ty gavarIsh I can't make out what you are saying.
Я вас плохо слышу. Ya vas plOho slYshu I can't hear you very well.
Вас к телефону. Vas k telefOnu You are wanted on the phone.
Вы подождете? Vy podozhdyOte? Will you wait?
Не вешайте трубку Ne vEshayte trUbku Hold on..
Минутку MinUtku Just a minute:
Здесь таких нет. Zdes' takIh nyEt There's no one by that name here.
Когда мне перезвонить? KagdA mne perezvonIt'? When should I call again?
Я перезвоню. Ya perezvonyU I'll call again.
Пожалуйста, попросите её позвонить мне. PazhAlusta, poprosIte eyO pazvanIt' mne Please ask her to call me back.
Что-нибудь передать? ChtO nibUd' peredAt'? Any message?
Жаль, её нет. Zhal', eyO nyEt I'm sorry, she is out.
Нас разъединили. Nas razyedinIli We were cut off.
Нас разъединили. Nas razyedinIli We were disconnected.
Это опять я. Eto opyAt' yA It's me again.
Я не мог к ней дозвониться. Ya ne mog k nEy dazvanIt'sya I couldn't get her on the telephone.
Простите, что я вас побеспокоил. ProstIte, chto vas pobespokOil Sorry to have troubled you.
Куда-нибудь собираешься? KudA nibUd'sobirAyeshsya? Are you going any-where?
Что ты делаешь? Chto ty dElayesh? What are you doing?
Я скажу, чтобы она позвонила вам. Ya skazhU, chtOby onA pazvanIla vam I'll have her call you back.
Я передам ей. Ya peredAm Ey I'll give her the message.
Передайте ей, что звонил Роберт PeredAyte ey,chto zvonIl Robert Tell her Robert called.
Запишите, пожалуйста, мой номер. ZapishIte, pazhAlusta, moy nOmer Write down my number, please.

Useful phrases when somebody but not your lady picks up the phone and you have to ask her

Здравствуйте. Мне нужно поговорить с Еленой. ZdrAvstvuyte. Mne nUzshno pagavarIt' s YelEnoy. Good morning. I need to speak to Helen.
Будьте добры, пригласите Елену. Bud'te dobri, priglasIte YelEnu. Be so kind, invite Helen.
Могу я услышать Елену? MagU ya uslIshat' YelEnu? May I hear Helen?
Пожалуйста, позовите Елену. PazshAlusta, pazavIte YelEnu. Please call Helen.
С кем я говорю? S kem ya gavaryU? Whom am I talking to?
Мне нужна Елена. Mne nuzshnA YelEna. I need to speak to Helen.
Здравствуйте. Елену, пожалуйста. ZdrAvstvuyte. YelEnu pazshAlusta. Good morning. Helen please.
Елена дома? YelEna dOma? Is Helen at home?
Елену можно? YelEnu mOzhno? May I speak to Helen?
Можно Елену? MOzhno YelEnu? May I speak to Helen?
Можно поговорить с Еленой? MOzhno pagavarIt' s YelEnoy? May I speak to Helen?

Tender words to calm and cheer up your lady

Всё под контролем VsyO pad kontrOlem Everything is under control
Предоставь это мне PredostAv` Eto mnE Let me do that
Расслабься, я этим займусь RasslAb`sya, ya Etim zaymOOs` Relax, I'll do that
Не волнуйся, я обо всём позабочусь Ne volnOOysya, ya obo vsyOm pazabOchoos` Don't worry, I'll see everything
Я всё сделаю как надо Ya vsyO sdElayu kak nAdo I'll do everything perfectly
Положись на меня PolozhIs` na menyA Depend on me
Можешь рассчитывать на меня MOzhesh raschItivat` na menyA You can reckon upon me
Помни, я всегда рядом POmni, ya vsеgdA ryAdom Remember, I'm always next to you
Ты не одна Ti ne odnA You are not alone
Я помогу тебе Ya pomogOO tebE I'll help you
Я верю в тебя Ya vEryu v tebyA I believe in you
Ты сможешь Ti smOzhesh You can do it
Ты справишься Ti sprAvish`sya You'll manage it
Я сделаю всё, что смогу Ya sdElayu vsyO, chto smogOO I'll do everything I can
Ты же знаешь, я всегда рядом Ti zhe znAesh`, ya vsegdA ryAdom You know, I'm always next to you
Всё будет хорошо VsyO bOOdet harashO Everything's gonna be alright
Доверься мне DovEr`sya mne Trust me
Ты же знаешь, так и должно быть Ti zhe znAesh, tak i dolzhnO bit` You know, it must be like this
Это нормально Eto normAl`no It's normal
Всё идёт как надо VsyO idyOt kak nAdo Everything is going all right
Успокойся, всё хорошо Uspokysya, vsyO harashO Easy, everything is OK
У нас всё получится U nas vsyO polOOchitsya We will do it
Ты сильная Ti sIl`naya You're strong
Любимая, не волнуйся LyubImaya, ne volnOOysya Darling, don't worry
Я здесь Ya zdes` I'm here
Я рядом Ya ryAdom I'm next to you

When you make a proposal to marry the Lady

Как сильно я хочу этого! Kak sIl'-no yA ha-chU E-to-vo! I wish it so badly!
Всё, о чём я молю Бога - чтобы ты сказала "Да!" VsyO, o chOm yA ma-lyU bO-ga, chto-bee tee ska-zA-la da All I pray for God is you saying "Yes!"
Я предлагаю тебе свою руку и сердце. Ya pred-la-gA-yu te-bE svo-yU rU-ku I sEr-tse. I give you my hand and my heart..
Всё чего я хочу - чтобы ты стала моей женой. VsyO, che-vO ya ha-chU, chto-bee tee stA-la ma-yEy zshe-nOy. All I want is you were my wife.
Я очень люблю тебя и прошу стать моей женой. Ya O-chen' lyub-lyU te-byA I pra-shU stat' ma-yEy zshe-nOy. I love you very much and ask you to be my wife.
Давай поженимся. Da-vAy pa-zshE-nim-sya. Let's get married.
Хочу, чтобы ты стала моей женой. HachU, chto-bee tee stA-la mo-yEy zshe-nOy. I want you to be my wife.
Ты выйдешь за меня? Ti viy-desh za me-nyA? Will you marry me?
Я так хочу, чтобы у нас была настоящая семья. Ya tak ha-chU, chto-bee u nas bee-lA nas-ta-yA-sha-ya sem-yA. I want so badly we had a real family.
Давай пройдём по жизни вместе. Da-vAy pray-dyOm po zshIz-ni vmEs-te. Let's go through life together.
Я хочу, чтобы мы всегда были вместе. Ya ha-chU, chto-bee mee vseg-dA bEE-li vmEs-te. I want we always be together.
Нам так хорошо вместе. Давай создадим семью. Nam tak ha-ra-shO vmEs-te. Da-vAy soz-da-dIm sem-yU. We feel so good together. Let's make a family.
Я вверяю тебе своё сердце и прошу твоего согласия. Ya vveryAyu te-bEe svo-yO sEr-tse I pra-shU tva-ye-vO sog-lA-si-ya. I consign you my heart and ask for your consent.
Я мечтаю о том дне, когда мы станем одной семьёй. Ya mech-tA-yu o tom dnE, kog-dA mEE stA-nem od-nOy sem-yOy. I dream about the day when we'll be one family. /td>
Мы созданы друг для друга. Скажи "Да!" Mee sOz-da-nee drug dlya drU-ga. Ska-zshI da We are created for each other. Say "Yes!"
Выйди за меня замуж! VEEy-di za me-nyA zA-muzsh! Marry me!
Будь моей женою! Bud' ma-yEy zshe-nO-yu! Be my wife!
Я наконец хочу сказать тебе это: Ya na-ka-nEts ha-chU ska-zAt' te-bE E-to: Finally I want to tell you this:
Я мечтал об этом дне всю свою жизнь. Ya mech-tAl ob E-tom dne vsyu sva-yU zshisn'. I dreamt about this day all my life
Я так люблю тебя. Ya tak lyub-lyU te-byA. I love you so much.
Мы так любим друг друга! Mee tak lyU-bim drug drU-ga! We love each other so much!
Моё сердце принадлежит тебе навеки. Будь моей женою! MoyO sEr-tse pri-nad-le-zshIt te-bE na-vE-ki. Bud' mA-yEy zshe-nOy. My heart belongs to you evermore. Be my wife!
Стань моей женою. Stan' ma-yEy zhe-nO-yu. Be my wife!
Давай сыграем свадьбу./td> Da-vAy seeg-rA-yem svAd'-bu. Let's get married.
Я так сильно желаю, чтобы ты вышла за меня. Ya tak sIl'-no zshe-lA-yu, chto-bee tee vEEsh-la za me-nyA. I want so much you married me.
Давай создадим настоящую семью. Da-vAy soz-da-dIm nas-ta-yA-shu-yu sem-yU. Let's create a real family.
Скажи, что любишь меня! Ska-zshI, chto lyU-bish me-nyA! Say that you love me!
Я готов подарить тебе весь мир! Ya ga-tOv pa-da-rIt' te-bE ves' mir! I want to give you all this world!
Всё, что я делаю - лишь для тебя одной. VsyO, chto ya dE-la-yu, lish dlya te-byA od-nOy. All I do is just for you.
Я буду жить для тебя. Ya bU-du zhit' dlya te-byA. I will live just for you.
Ты сводишь меня с ума. Tee svO-dish me-nyA su-mA. You drive me crazy.
Я схожу по тебе с ума. Ya skha-zshU po te-bE su-mA. You drive me crazy.
Я не могу без тебя жить. Ya ne ma-gU bez te-byA zshit'. I can't live without you.
Ты так нужна мне. Tee tak nuzsh-nA mne. I need you so much.
Когда я впервые встретил тебя, я сразу понял: это навсегда. Kag-dA ya vper-vEE-ye vstrE-til te-byA, ya srA-zu pO-nyal: E-to nav-seg-dA. When I met you for the first time I understood: it's forever.
Я клянусь, что отдам тебе своё сердце. Ya klya-nUs', chto ot-dAm te-bE sva-yO sEr-tse. I swear I'll give you my heart.
Ты - моя судьба. Tee ma-yA sud'-bA. You are my destiny
Ты послана мне Богом. Tee pOs-la-na mne bO-gom. You were sent me by God
Слава Богу, он послал мне тебя. SlA-va bO-gu, on pos-lAl mne te-byA. Thanks God he sent you to me.
Я благодарю Бога, что встретил тебя. Ya bla-ga-da-ryU bO-ga, chto vstrE-til te-byA. I thank God that I met you.
Счастье моё, неужели я нашёл тебя? ShAs-tye ma-yO, ne-u-zshE-li ya na-shOl te-byA? My happiness, did I really find you?
Ты стала для меня всем! Tee stA-la dlya me-nyA vsem! You became everything for me!
Мне никогда в жизни не было так хорошо. Mne ni-kog-dA v zshIz-ni nE-bee-lo tak ha-ra-shO. Never in my life I felt myself so good.
Мне так хорошо с тобою. Mne tak ha-ra-shO sto-bOy. I feel so good next to you.
Ты - это всё, что у меня есть. Tee e-to vsyO, chto u me-nyA yEst'. You are all that I have.
Достоин ли я твоей любви? Dos-tO-in li ya tva-yEy lyub-vI? Am I deserving for your love?
Ты всё, что мне нужно. Tee vsyO, chto mne nUzsh-no. You are all that I need.
Мне не жить без тебя! Mne ne zshit' bez te-byA! I can't live without you.
Какое счастье, что ты есть! Ka-kO-ye shAs-tye, chto tee u me-nyA yEst'! What a happiness that you exist!
Как мы жили друг без друга все эти годы? Kak mee zshI-li drug bez drU-ga vse E-ti gO-dee? How we lived apart all these years?
Я думаю о тебе день и ночь. Ya dU-ma-yu o te-bE den' i noch. I think of you night and day.
Ты всегда в моих мыслях. Tee vseg-dA v mo-ih mEEs-lyah. You are always in my mind.
Я благодарен судьбе, что послала мне тебя. Ya bla-go-dA-ren sud'-bE, chto pas-lA-la mne te-byA. I thank my destiny for sending you to me.
Я достану тебе звезды с небес. Ya das-tA-nu te-bE zvyOz-dee sne-bEs. I will bring you stars from the sky.
Ты нужна мне больше всего на свете. Tee nuzsh-nA mne bOl'-she vse-vO na svE-te. I need you more then anything else in this world.
Давай никогда не расставаться. Da-vAy nikag-dA ne ras-ta-vAt'-sya. Let's never part with.
Я хочу, чтобы ты была только моей. Ya ha-chU, chto-bee tee bee-lA tOl'-ko ma-yEy. I want you to be only mine.
Я самый счастливый человек на Земле, потому что у меня есть ты. Ya sA-meey shas-lI-veey che-lo-vEk na zem-lE, pa-ta-mU chto u me-nyA yest' tEE. I am the happiest man on Earth because I met you.
Спасибо тебе, что ты есть. Spa-sI-bo te-bE, chto tee yEst'. Thank you for being yourself.
Ты приходишь ко мне в моих мыслях. Tee pri-hO-dish ko mne v ma-Ih mEEs-lyah. You come to me in my thoughts.
Я вижу тебя во сне. Ya vI-zshu te-byA vo sne. I see you in my dreams.
Поверь мне Pa-vEr' mne. Believe me.