Two Popular Dating Con Tricks

Our life is recarious, megapolises or villages uncover even the smallest criminal events and human is the first who discovered kindness and violence, started to earn money on everything. Each object or idea causes the spontaneous scheme of business however if it is impossible for someone, he used to steal it or just the money. He can be a thief or a robber, pilferer, fraudster or a scammer. It is easy for someone to steal any piece of house stuff but there are such criminals who likes to get large sum of money with 5 zeros, for example.

Each crime has to be punished as soon as the criminal has been catched. However what to do if the crime has not been detected. The most importnat thing is a proof, no- proof, no one is guilty. Con artists cultuvated their maneuvres, their job tastes sophisticated and to uncover them is more and more difficult. So now we will explain you why the word “con” is so popular among internet criminal issues. As you can guess the first form is “confidence” and con is the derivative form. “Delicate” internet crime named for its exquisite ways of getting money out of people is based on trust and sincerity of potential victims. People used to believe in honesty of others that is why still there is a possibility to use it in profilt. Of course con artists existed in previous centuries, till nowadays they know perfectly that human is a greatest pack of feelings so easy to make use.

The age of high technologies became a new stage for the crime performances of con artists: crimes are sudden and unexpected.

Let’s remind the famous famous story of 60s and 70s about Frank Abagnale who was genious with the art of counterfeasance and forgery guaranteed him a comfortable life. He was so great with his ability to forge money and checks, he convinced others is his current role of pilot or a lawer that all attempts of the police to catch him were unsuccessful. What is more, even after when he was judged, he was invited to collaborate with FBI to uncover forgery crimes.

This is mature, educated, smart and intelligent man with exellent charisma and ability to assure and persuade.

Mr. Abagnale was an extraordinary person, brainy, inexhaustive, ghostlike. And still there is no one con artist who resembles him, as to combine all that features is more than impossible. Some criminals we can name artist but another ones - just cons.

Now we would like you to be educated with two the most famous con tricks formed by the data of world fraud centers.

Perfect Wedding Trick

Overwhelming and shocking by its radicality. Here just imagine the brightest event of a young couple who are about to register their marriage but all preparations are uncovered a simple scam trick.

This con is performed by a wedding agency. They have couple of methods to trick the potential victims. For example, con artist use donation public posts to gather money for wedding people in need. However all donations go directly to scammers but not to this couple, so everyone is back at the bottom of the ladder. Another pretty way of conning out the money is submitting the checks without amount indicating. The future spouses are to be persuaded that spendings should be the lowest for the most important wedding arrangements like general services. Thereafter all checks have to be chashed and the money - to be put on the ‘third party’ account. As for the day of wedding - the agency representative disappears suddenly and one will never find him.

Demolished Lover

Overwhelming and shocking by its radicality. Here just imagine the brightest event of a young couple who are about to register their marriage but all preparations are uncovered a simple scam trick.

In this case necessary dating websites are to be found to have a hunt for desperate singles. Potential victim is a lonely heart who are registered for some time and still has found nobody, so romantic relationship - is the first stage to appear. Besides scam artist keeps this relations for long period of time and leads to marriage. The main idea of this maneuvre - to convince the victim to trust to her beloved and to be ready for a help in need. When it’s time, artists creats any ridiculous situation likehard illness, relative’s death, stucking in one transit country - and all those problems are to be solved with money. And who is going to send them? Richt. Our poor victim in love. Besides when victim believes in the danger of the situation, he or she wouldn’t be able to accept this case as a scam trick. The ideal innocent image of the other half will remind him about their lovely romance. The money has been sent and the artist has gone away. No way to get in touch or to find the ends.