The English language course for women

Hello, welcome everyone to our English language course for women. I am the site administrator. I decided to create this course proceeding from my personal experience of relations with one of the Russian women. Of course, when I just started communicate with her I was very pleased with this fun adventure. However, as it turned out, it was not so easy. It had begun a series of not very pleasant experiences, up to stressful situations (reaching up the complete confusion) - especially when it started to go well and came to dating.

I would like, as well as all men, to enjoy by the really interesting and exciting communication, but the proverbial language barrier completely spoiled all impressions. My girlfriend and I could never fully relax on our dates, having plunged into the sea of pleasure. There had often been occurred all sorts of misunderstandings, it was completely lacked the ability to discuss with a woman the things which I really wanted to talk. I had to learn Russian for several years, and this was despite the fact that I had known Russian pretty well before.

And yet I understood that I didn’t know spoken Russian namely in the field of dating, I just did NOT know what to say on a date. All usual language courses, including books, taught to speak only in some common situations. However, they are not able to help us in such a truly important matter as romantic relationships and dating. I had to spend a lot of time on my own little success attempts to translate with dictionaries; I also used to invite teachers to help me (and it's pretty embarrassing, If you consider that discussed issues were very personal). In addition, the whole process had been long and tedious.

After I was very tired of all this, I really wanted someone to put together all the right words and phrases in one place and taught them to me! Just at that moment I was struck by the thought that namely I had to create such a language course that would help people in the situation in which I was then. I wanted to create a course, helping the rest women to get acquainted easily and nice talk with an English-speaking partner directly, without dictionaries, translators and unnecessary witnesses!

For not speaking English Women

At first I thought that the site helps men in communication with their soulmate, but I have never had any idea that it was created to make single women happy as well.

But then I started correspondence with ladies who look for an English speaking man abroad. After changing several e-mails with them I understood that we have to work out a course for these women. This course has to help them in solving their problems.

I noticed that Russian can sound in different ways: it depends, if a woman or a man speaks. So, I made a decision to make my new course very specific, so that women could better understand it and feel what I want to say them. In meant for us that we had to make more new recordings and changes, but these efforts are worth making.

Who needs this language course

We decided to develop this language course for those Russian-speaking women who are in close communication with the English-speaking men, and are going to meet them in real life. Certainly, our course is also suitable for those who want to learn just a little talking in English. After learning of our English language course, you will become much more confident in yourself, when you want to communicate with an English-speaking man. You will be able to get maximum pleasure, when you meet with him, and minimum of unpleasant stressful situations.

So, thanks to our course you will be able:

  • Save for yourself a lot of personal time, than in the case if you’ll study English language yourself.
  • To avoid the need to invite a teacher or interpreter that’ll help you in communication. Thus, your personal relationships will remain only between you and your second half.
  • You will learn about things that are everyday but the really important part of any love relationship.
  • Having learned to communicate in English, you’ll achieve sharp improvements in your relationship with your partner; you’ll enjoy together with him by light and calm mutual communication.
  • This knowledge will bring you a lot of new interesting abilities, which you can use when meeting and dating.

Having mastered our course, you’ll make to your English-speaking partner a pleasant surprise, and it will dramatically increase your chances on a favorable outcome of your relationship. Indeed, the ability to speak in his native language immediately lifts you to new heights, in your man's eyes.

Until then,

Best wishes and good luck with your English!

How to talk about yourself in English on a Dating site

When you talk about yourself, about who you are (I am a girl or I am a woman) or describe yourself (I am very nice or I am a beautiful lady), you need to remember or know nothing at all. You just have to put into your head, “I am”, because, if you’ll forget a little word “am”, you can be misunderstood; or understood, but people might wince in disgust. How would you like a stranger’s letter where he writes something like, "I have a cute and very clever man"?

Simple template

So, there are no wisdoms. Take any formula that you prefer:

Я ... менеджер I am a ......... manager
Я... бухгалтер I am a ......... accountant
Я ... леди I am a ......... lady
Я ... учитель I am a ......... teacher
Я ... женщина I am a ......... woman
Я ... девушка I am a ......... girl
Я ... студентка I am a ......... student
Я ... ("person" не переводится) I am a ......... person

And talk about yourself whatever you want, inserting adjectives instead of points from your vocabulary, or directly from the Dictionary 1.1, which is reproduced at the end of this page.

Я жизнерадостная студентка I am a cheerful student
Я симпатичная девушка I am a pretty girl
Я романтичная леди I am a romantic lady
Я добрая и заботливая женщина I am a kind and caring woman
Я надёжная и порядочная I am a reliable and honest person
Я хороший менеджер I am a good manager
Я творческий учитель I am a creative teacher

What should we have?

Я весёлая девушка I am a funny girl
Я работаю менеджером (Я менеджер). I am a manager.
Я привлекательная молодая женщина. I am a good looking young woman.
Мои друзья говорят, что я надёжная и порядочная. My friends say I am reliable and honest.
Я весёлая, общительная, остроумная (персона). I am a cheerful, sociable, witty person.

When do you need an article?

Have you noticed that in the sentence “I am reliable and honest” a word “a” is missing? It is not a mistake! If a sentence has no noun in (e.g. girl, woman, person, manager) then an article puts NOT..

Continue to praise yourself in the same spirit:

Я творческая и энергичная, а также заботливая, внимательная и чуткая. I am creative and energetic, also caring and considerate.

Pay attention!
If a word after the “a” article begins with a vowel, you need to put down “an”:

Я открытая, искренняя девушка I am an open, frank girl
Я привлекательная женщина I am an attractive woman
Я порядочный человек I am an honest person
(honest произносится как онест)

Choose a word with the exact value

Get used to work with every word. Never use a word, if you are not sure that it means exactly what you mean. Finding the right word in a Russian-English dictionary, write down all its English meanings. Then, do not be lazy to clarify what each of them means exactly. Synonyms by no means always have similar values.


Уравновешенность, уравновешенный - balance, counterbalnce, poise, even tempere, well-balanced.

Теперь смотрим каждое значение:

  • balance - весы, равновесие, маятник, баланс бухгалтерский, приводить в равновесие, взвешивать;
  • counterbalnce - противовес, уравновешивать на весах;
  • poise - равновесие, манера держаться, осанка, балансировать, удерживать в равновесии, взвешивать в уме;
  • even - ровный, гладкий, уравновешенный, спокойный (о характере), равный, одинаковый, чётный (о числах);
  • temper - смягчать, умерять, характер, настроение
  • even temper - уравновешенный, спокойный характер
  • well-balanced - уравновешенный человек.

That is, of the five values only two are suitable for us, and you must be careful with the use of them:

Я серьёзный и уравновешенный человек I am a serious and well-balanced person
Я добра, терпелива, со спокойным характером I am kind, patient and even tempered

Примеры употребления:
I am a pretty, honest and bright girl. I am very sensitive, talented and original.
I think I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open,resourrceful, eager, witty, warm. I am an Orthodox Christian, but not a fanatic.
I am an unusually russian women: confident in myself,eager. But I am passionate, temping and very seductive!!
I have a good heart, I am a romantic woman, loyal, sincere woman. I am loving and caring.
I am a cheerful, sociable and sincere person. My friends say that I am a glamorous and interesting woman. I'm a great dreamer.

Inform your age

When we want to inform our age, we say in Russian: "I'm 25 years old." In English it’s impossible to say the same thing literally. You just have to remember:

Мне 25 лет I am 25 years old
Моему сыну 10 лет My son is 10 years old
Ему 36 лет Не is 36 y.o.

At the same time we would like to ask you to be careful with our favorite Russian word "me" which we use even more often than "I". So, our entire standard phrases, "I like", "I'm cold," "I am sad," "I want," "I need", in English sound each in its own way, and for the formation every of them different rules are used:

Мне нравится музыка I like music
Мне 25 лет I am 25 years old
Мне это надоело! I am sick and tired of it!
Мне грустно I am sad
Мне хочется сказать I would like to say
Мне холодно I am cold
Мне кажется .... It seems to me that...
Мне нужно уйти I need to leave
Мне сказали правду I was told the truth
Можно мне войти? Саn I come in?
Мне можно плавать I am allowed to swim
(то есть кто-то разрешил)
Мне нельзя возвращаться одной I may not come back alone
Мне всё равно I don't care
Можно мне попросить вас? May I ask you?
Мне было очень приятно It is been a pleasure
Мне не удалось это сделать I didn't manage it

How to talk about your hobbies and interests in English

When we want to talk about our hobbies, the first thing that comes to our mind is to report what we love to do. It’s very easily to say about this, using the forms “I love” (я люблю) or “I like” (мне нравится). Herewith, do not forget about the shade:

So, to tell about your favorite activity most often use one of the forms:

Я люблю ... I love ...
Мне нравится ... I like ...

And write what exactly we love to do. There may be two options:

  • Using of the words that indicates an action (to read, draw, travel).
  • Using of the word that indicates a process(reading, drawing, traveling).

For example, like this:

Мне нравится рисовать I like to draw
Мне нравится рисование I like drawing
Я обожаю читать I love to read
Я обожаю чтение I love reading
Я люблю путешествовать I like to travel
Я люблю путешествия I like travelling

Pay attention!
When you use the verb (to read, draw), then the particle “to”:is required: I like to draw..

Мне нравится рисовать I like to draw

How to tell that you like to play

When you want to inform that you like to play some musical instrument, using of the preposition “on” is not required. Instead, in the English the article “the” is used (namely with the word “play musical instruments”): I like to play the piano.

Я люблю играть на фортепиано I like to play the piano
Я люблю играть на гитаре I like to play the guitar
Я люблю играть на скрипке I like to play the violin

When you report that you like to play some games (basketball, tennis, chess), it’s no need at all to use any preposition.

Я люблю играть в биллиард I like to play billiards
Я люблю играть в баскетбол I like to play basketball
Я люблю играть в теннис I like to play tennis
Я люблю играть в карты I like to play cards

As for card games

If we are talking simply about playing cards, then use the expression “play cards” (I play cards - Я играю в карты).

When refers to gambling (not only the card game), then use the word gamble (They like gambling - они любят азартные игры; I like to play cards - Я люблю играть в карты).

Words, denoting action

In the Russian language usually use words, denoting action: (I love to read – Я люблю читать). But in the English, the most commonly is used form of the word, referring to the process: (I love reading - Я люблю чтение). Although in Russian it translates in the usual way; therefore, it is best to describe your classes namely this way:

Мне нравится рисовать (процесс рисования) I like drawing
Я люблю путешествовать (процесс путешествия) I like travelling
Я обожаю читать (процесс чтения) I love reading
Я люблю плавание (процесс плавания) I like swimming

Use the same form, when we want to say we love something else (music, cats and dogs, children, cinema, etc.).

Мне нравится музыка I like music
Я люблю кино (американский вариант) I love movies
Я люблю кошек и собак I love cats and dogs
Я люблю кино I love cinema

Other words, in addition to “like” and “love”

As mentioned above, words “like” and “love” have different emotional coloring. In the Russian language to enhance meaning use the words “very; very much – очень; очень сильно”. In English there are similar words too, and there are much more.

Я очень люблю плавать I like swimming a lot
Я очень люблю готовить I like cooking very much
Мне так нравится музыка I like music so much
Мне очень нравится читать I like to read a great deal

But words “like” and “love”, there are other forms to talk about your hobbies and preferences. Moreover, these expressions are used more often than usual “like” and “love”.

Я интересуюсь ... I am interested in ...
Я люблю ... I am fond of ...
Мои интересы включают ... My interests include ...
Мне доставляет удовольствие .... I enjoy ...
Я обожаю I adore ...
Я предпочитаю ... I prefer ...
Я увлекаюсь ... (люблю, имею склонность) I have a fancy for ...
Я помешана на ... I am crazy about ...
Я страстно увлечена ... I am a keen on ...

Examples of use:

Мои интересы включают чтение, кино My interests include reading, cinema
Я интересуюсь музыкой, искусством I am interested in music, art,
Я всегда с удовольствием занимаюсь садоводством I always enjoy gardening
Я очень люблю лошадей I am very fond of horses
Я большой любитель цветов I am very fond of flowers
Я обожаю ходить в музеи I adore visiting museums
Я предпочитаю активный отдых: теннис, плавание I prefer active rest: tennis, swimming
Я любитель собак I am dog-fancier
Я любитель музыки I am a music-lover
Я увлекаюсь вязанием I have a fancy for knitting
Я помешана на скейтборде I am crazy about skateboarding
Я страстно люблю театр I am a keen on theater

What if you do not like anything?

So that to say what you do not like, you can use the word “dislike” (not like) or negative forms, as well as some special expressions:

Я не люблю ... I dislike ...
Мне не нравится ... I don't like ...
Я не люблю ... I don't love ..
Я не выношу (не терплю) ... I abhor ...
Я ненавижу ... I hate ...
Меня раздражает, что ... It vexes me that ...


Я не люблю грубых, невоспитанных людей I don't love boors
Я не люблю холодную погоду I dislike cold weather
Мне не нравится слишком громкая музыка I don't like too loud music
Я не выношу безделья I abhor being idle
Я ненавижу людей, которые бьют собак I hate people who beat dogs
Меня раздражает, что они всегда опаздывают It vexes me that they are always late

Get used to work with each word

Never use the word, if you are not sure that it means exactly what you mean. Finding the right word in the Russian-English dictionary, write down all its English meanings, and then do not be lazy to clarify what each one means. Synonyms do not always have similar values.

For example:
Заниматься (кем-то, чем-то) - occupy/busy oneself (with), be occupied (with), be engaged (in); engage (in); go in for, take up; indulge (in); devote oneself (to) (посвящать себя ); concern oneself (with) (интересоваться); attend (to) (выполнять); learn, study;

Теперь смотрим каждое значение:

  • occupy - занимать пространство, время;
       This hobby occupies all of my free time. — Это увлечение поглощает все мое свободное время.
       occupy (with) - заниматься чем-то;
  • busy oneself (with) - занимать себя чем-то;
  • be occupied (with) - быть занятым чем-то;
  • be engaged (in) - быть занятым, заинтересованным чем-то;
  • engage (in) - заниматься чем-то, быть занятым чем-то;
  • go in for - интересоваться, увлекаться чем-то;
  • take up - браться (за что-то); заниматься (чем-то);
  • indulge (in) - удовлетворять свои желания, не отказывать себе (в чем-то); доставлять удовольствие, радовать;
  • devote oneself (to) - посвящать себя (чему-то возвышенному), уделять, жертвовать (время, деньги);
  • concern oneself (with) - заниматься, интересоваться чем-л. (in, with);
  • attend (to) - заботиться, следить (to - за чем-то); выполнять; посещать; присутствовать (на лекциях, собраниях);
  • learn - учиться; учить (что-то); научиться (чему-то);
  • study - изучать, исследовать (внимательно, тщательно); заниматься, учиться;

If you like to go somewhere

Now you’ll see in the examples how differently you can express, if in the description of your interests or hobbies you may need to report that you go somewhere, somewhere learn, something do. In the English language many expressions look not quite familiar to us.

гостить у Ольги to visit with Olga
ходить в гости к Елене to go see Elena (повидаться с Еленой)
Она любит поболтать с соседями She loves visiting with her neighbours (амер.разг.)
Мы идём к ней в гости We go to see her (увидеться с ней)
ходить пешком to hike, to walk
совершать прогулку, гулять to go for a stroll; to go for a walk
путешествовать пешком to hike, to walk
прогуливаться, гулять (обычно медленно) to stroll
прогуливаться по берегу to stroll along the beach
ходить по магазинам to go shopping
ходить на лыжах to ski; go skiing
ходить в театр to go to the theatre
кататься на коньках to skate; to go skating
кататься на роликах to go roller skating
кататься на велосипеде to go for a cycle ride; to cycle
кататься на лодке to go boating
заниматься спортом to go in for sport
заниматься спортом to go in for sport (ходить на спорт)
кататься на машине to go for a drive
ходить купаться to go swimming
ходить в спортзал to go in for sport
усердно учиться, прилежно заниматься to study diligently, hard
ходить в университет, учиться в университете to go to the university
брать уроки английского языка to take English lessons, to take lessons in English
ходить на курсы to attend training (посещать курсы обучения чему-то)
ходить на лекции to attend lectures (посещать лекции)
учить французский язык to learn French
прослушать курс обучения to take a course
посещать водительские курсы to attend a driving school
Я учусь водить машину I am learning to drive
заниматься фотографией to go in for photography (увлекаться фотографией)
Я учусь танцевать I am learning how to dance
заниматься музыкой to practise music (профессионально или упражняться)
заниматься фотографией to take up photography (учиться фотографировать)


Often it is necessary to clarify exactly when or at what time you are doing something.

по утрам in the morning(s)
вечером in the evening
через неделю in a week
часто, много раз often
через некоторое время after a time
каждый день, ежедневно every day
редко, нечасто, изредка seldom
очень часто as often as not
слишком часто once too often
обычно, как правило, в большинстве случаев usually
на прошлой неделе last week
в (мое) свободное время in my spare time
в прошлом году last year
за это время in this (interval of) time, in this period
на досуге at leisure
выходной день day off, free day, rest-day
у меня мало времени I am pressed for time
рабочий день working day, workday
все время all the time, always, at all times
скоро, в скором времени in a short time, shortly, in the near future
во всякое время at any time
круглый год summer and winter, winter and summer
летом in summer
Я в отпуске I am on vacation
отпуск vacation (holiday)
проводить отпуск где-то to spend a vacation ...
Мы отправились на отдых в Пуэрто-Рико We went on vacation to Puerto-Rico
зимние каникулы winter vacation
на каникулах; в отпуске on holiday
летние каникулы summer vacation (summer holidays)
курортный сезон holiday time
брать отпуск to take a holiday

description of personality, character

Some words and expressions are not very common in the "Russian" English, and consequently there often are some troubles in their understanding (for example, when you read a letter from an American man):

  • straightforward - честный, прямой, открытый
  • dedicated - преданный
  • respectful - с уважением к другим
  • good looking - симпатичная, привлекательная
  • handsome - симпатичный (только по отношению к мужчине!)
  • funny - весёлый, с чувством юмора
  • fun-loving - весёлый, шутник, юморист
  • exciting - заводной
  • adventurous - смелый, любитель приключений
  • open-minded - без предубеждений, объективный
  • easy-going - общительный, лёгкий в общении
  • unattached - самостоятельный
общительная sociable
весёлая, жизнерадостная cheerful
верная loyal
честная, прямая, открытая straightforward
надёжная reliable
порядочная, честная honest
преданная dedicated
верная, преданная faithful
спокойная calm
спонтанная, лёгкая на подъём spontanious
добрая kind
относящаяся с уважением к другим respectful
застенчивая shy
открытая, откровенная open, candid
романтичная romantic
сентиментальная sentimental
ласковая tender
великодушная, щедрая generous
заботливая caring
внимательная attentive, caring
нежная affectionate
внимательная к другим, чуткая considerate
терпимая tolerant
умеющая сострадать, сочувствовать compassionate
терпеливая patient
искренняя sincere, frank
скромная modest
добрая, сердечная warm
творческая creative
любопытная, любознательная curious
чувственнная sensual
страстная, пылкая passionate
милая, хорошая nice
симпатичная, привлекательная good looking
привлекательная attractive
хорошенькая, симпатичная pretty
дружелюбная friendly
прелестная, очаровательная glamorous
остроумная witty
весёлая, с чувством юмора funny
серьёзная serious
весёлый, шутник, юморист fun-loving
заводной exciting
смелый, любитель приключений adventurous
благоразумная reasonable
трудолюбивая, много работающая hardworking
мягкая gentle
хорошо образованная well educated
понимающая understanding
без предубеждений, объективная open-minded
энергичная energetic
общительная, лёгкая в общении easy-going
самостоятельная unattached
полная энтузиазама enthusiastic
целеустремлённая eager
уверенная в себе confident in myself

Описание увлечений, интересов, хобби, любимых или привычных занятий

Спорт и другие виды физической активности

фитнес fitness
здоровый образ жизни health
физическая тренировка physical fitness
зарядка, ходьба, бег и т.п. exercising
заниматься спортом to go in for sport
заниматься спортом to take exercises
различные занятия activities
занятия на воздухе outdoors activities
игровые виды спорта playing sports
спорт на открытом воздухе outdoor sports
летние игры summer games
подвижные игры на воздухе outdoor games
зимние игры winter games
спортивные соревнования sporting events
спортзал gym
ходить в спортзал go to the gym
бег трусцой jogging
ходить в спортзал going to the gym
бег running
Я бегаю для сохранения формы I keep fit by running
аэробика aerobic
шейпинг shaping
бодифлекс bodyflex
пилатес pilates
велосипед bicycling, cycling
кататься на коньках skating
кататься на роликах in-line skating
кататься на роликах roller-skating
дзюдо judo
ушу wushu
каратэ karate
бокс boxing
баскетбол basketball
футбол football
волейбол volleyball
пляжный волейбол sand volleyball
большой теннис tennis, lawn tennis
настольный теннис table tennis, ping-pong
шахматы chess
боулинг bowling
биллиард billiards
пул (биллиард) playing pool
сноуборд snowboarding
лыжи, горные лыжи skiing
природа nature
длительные пешие прогулки hiking
походы с палатками camping
походы с рюкзаком backpacking
рыбалка fishing
лодочный спорт boating
яхт-спорт sailing
каноэ, байдарки canoeing
виндсерфинг windsurfing
водные виды спорта water sports
плавание swimming
погружение с аквалангом scuba-diving
скалолазание climbing
восхождение в горы mountain-climbing
горный туризм mountaineering
прогулки в горах field trips to mountains

Литература, наука, самообразование

литература literature
чтение reading
чтение книг reading books
любые виды книг any kind of books
классика classics
классическая литература classical literature
поэзия poetry
художественная литература fiction, belletristic literature
фантастика science fiction
произведение (роман, рассказ) fiction
жанр фэнтэзи fantasy
детективный роман, детектив detective novel
роман novel
короткий рассказ, новелла short story
писатель writer, author
современная литература modern literature
библиотека library
читальный зал reading-room
книжный магазин bookstore
ходить по книжным магазинам shopping in bookstores
повышение квалификации training
профессиональная литература professional literature
посещать курсы take additional courses
дальнейшее образование continuing education
ходить на лекции to attend lectures
разностороннее образование all-round education
изучать французский to learn French
гуманитарное образование liberal education
cамообразование self-improvements
расширение, углубление знаний enhancing my knowledge
изучение истории learning history
интеллектуальные занятия Intellectual, thoughtful pursuits
археология archaeology
древняя история ancient history
география geography
физическая география physical geography
экономика economics
экономическая география economic geography
финансы finance
бизнес business
управление management
политика politics
философия philosophy
педагогика pedagogics
филология philology
филология study of language and literature
социология sociology
социальная психология social psychology
психология psychology
общая психология general psychology
химия chemistry
биология biology
медицина medicine
изучать медицину to study medicine
наука science
технологии technology
физика physics
математика mathematics
культура culture
архитектура architecture

Кино, театр, музыка, культура, искусство

кино, кинофильмы movies, cinema
ходить в кино go to the cinema
театр theatre
ходить в театр to go to the theatre
телевидение TV
смотреть кинофильмы watching movies
комедии comedies
романтические комедии romantic comedies
драмы dramas
мелодрамы romance
для семейного просмотра family
музыкальные musical
фэнтэзи fantasy
фантастика Sci Fi
мистика mystery
криминальные драмы, детективы crime
триллеры thrillers
фильмы ужасов horrors
приключения adventures
мультфильмы cartoons
музыка music
популярная музыка popular music
джаз jazz
классическая музыка classical music
рок rock, rock-n-roll
современная музыка modern music
слушать музыку listening to music
коллекционирование музыки collecting music
пение singing
гитара guitar
фортепиано piano
игра на фортепиано playing the piano
писать музыку writing music
Я пою и играю на гитаре I sing and play the guitar
концерты concerts
мюзиклы musicals
опера opera
балет ballet
искусство fine art
художественные галереи art galleries
искусство art
cовременное искусство modern art
музей museum
ходить в музеи going to museums
выставки exhibitions
картинная галерея Picture Gallery
живопись painting
скульптура sculpture
рисунок drawing
акварель water-colour

Кулинария, рестораны, пикники, природа, растения, животные

кулинария, готовить cooking
Я люблю готовить I like cooking
готовить еду cook
процесс приготовления пищи
в США также "кухня" как помещение
хорошие рестораны nice restraunts
любимые рестораны fancy restaurants
приятный обед (ужин) fine dining
приём гостей dinner parties
хорошая кухня good food
эксперименты с приготовлением блюд experiment with food
хорошее вино fine wine
Я люблю ужины при свечах I like candle light dinners
Моя любимая кухня: My favorite cuisines:
блюда народов всего мира sample foods from around the world
итальянская Italian
французская French
китайская Chinese
корейская Korean
японская Japanese
суши Sushi

Пикники, природа, растения, животные

природа nature
поездка за город, на пикник outing
барбекю (шашлык) barbecue
готовить на природе cooking outside
купаться swimming
пляжный волейбол sand volleyball
ходить на пляж going to beach
ходить загорать get tanned on the beach
собирать горибы to mushroom
ходить за грибами to go mushrooming
дача dacha
ездить за город, на дачу to go to the country
садоводство gardening
выращивать овощи growing vegetables
выращивать растения to grow plants
работать в саду working in the garden
разводить цветы growing
комнатные цветы indoor plants, house plants
животные animals
домашние животные pets
кот, кошка cat
собака dog
хомячок hamster
выставка собак dog show

Друзья и общение

друзья friends
проводить время с друзьями to spend time with my friends
подруга female friend
ходить в гости к подруге to go see my female friend
подружка, приятель mate
очень близкий, задушевный друг intimate
друг детства playmate
общаться с друзьями to communicate with friends
в гости к ... go to see ...
общаться с друзьями joining friends for socials
семья, родные family
проводить время с семьей spending time with family
родственники kin
близкие родственники next of kin
друг семьи family friend
дружная семья united family
посещать родных visiting family
Люблю, когда приходят гости I like to have guests in my home
разговоры conversations
интересное общение interesting conversation
дискуссии discussions
дискутировать обо всём discuss all aspects of living
просто отдыхать just relaxing
общаться с людьми communicating with other persons
встречи с друзьями social events
общение с умными людьми conversations with intelligent people
вечеринка party
ходить в клуб с друзьями going to dance clubs with friends
развлечения entertaining
танцевальный клуб dancing
просто веселиться just have fun
веселиться, смеяться having fun, laughter

Другие занятия и интересы

интернет internet
веб-дизайн web-design
компьютеры computers
компьютерные игры playing computor games
фотография photography
астрология astrology
танцы dancing
уроки танцев dancing lessons
автомобили auto
автогонки car racing
мода fashion
побродить по магазинам shopping
шитье sewing
шить на машине to sew on a machine
шить всё dressmaker
шить одежду (пиджаки, брюки) tailor
вышивка embroidery
вязанье крючком crochet
вязанье на спицах knit, knitting
Люблю помогать людям I like to help and to care for others
домашний уют home coziness
обустройство дома home design
заниматься домом to keep my house
заниматься домашним хозяйством look after the house
забота о детях caring for children
заботиться о близких take care of family

Сказать, что много интересов

и много ещё and a lot more
Интересуюсь очень многим I am interested in many things in life
много занятий many other activitys
У меня разные интересы I have a varied interests
разнообразные интересы various interests
У меня много интересов и хобби I have very many interests and hobbies

How to describe the preferred partner in English

Templates for construction of sentences

Я хочу встретить I want to meet a
Он должен быть He should be
Я ищу I seek an
Я ищу I need a
Я ищу мужчину, которого смогла бы полюбить I am looking for a man I could love
Я хотела бы встретить I would like to meet a
Мне очень хотелось бы I would love
Я надеюсь I hope
Я ищу I search a

Examples of phrase construction

Я хочу встретить искреннего, доброго, серьёзного мужчину I want to meet a sincere, kind, serious man
Он должен быть надёжным, сильным, заинтересованным в создании семьи, нежным, великодушным He should be reliable, strong, family-oriented, tender, generous
Я ищу надёжного, доброго мужчину I seek an reliable, kind man
Я ищу сильного и заботливого мужчину, кто был бы добрым и понимающим другом I need a strong and caring men, who would be kind and understanding
Я ищу мужчину, которого смогла бы полюбить I am looking for a man I could love
Я могла бы быть очень нежной с ним I could be very tender to him
Я ищу мужчину, который стал бы моим другом, моим любовником, моим мужем, отцом для моей маленькой дочери и наших будущих детей I am looking for a man who will be my friend, my lover, my husband, a father for my small daughter and our future children
Я хотела бы встретить нежного, добросердечного мужчину I would like to meet a tender, kind-hearted man
Мне очень хотелось бы иметь детей I would love to have got children
Я надеюсь, мои мечты о счастливой семье станут реальностью I hope my dream of happy family will be true
Я ищу серьёзного, интересного, порядочного, общительного, внимательного мужчину, без вредных привычек I search a serious, interesting, honest, sociable, attractive man, without harmful habits


It would be desirable to get acquainted with an energetic man who prefers an active leisure and a variety in life to a long sitting in front of the TV, who has a sense of humor, kind, sensitive, respectable and lavish.

If you are a veliable, tender, quiet man, please, write me, I am waiting for you for along time.

I want to meet a romantic kind honest and loyal man, who will be my second part and with whom I can fill myself comfortable.

I would like to meet a honest, reliable, sincere, kind, caring and loving man. I want to find my soul mate who will also be my best friend, a loving husband and a person that possess a loving heart that needs to be loved. I have a lot of love i want to give and share withsomeone who can receive that love and then give love in return.

I believe that I'll meet in my life serious man. Who would like to make strong and friendly family. My dream is a strong, tender, kind and solve man. I hope he will be able not only take my love but to present me his.

I'm looking for a nice, reliable man, who is honest and sincere. Who is slightly impulsive, with sence of humour, kindness and respect. Who takes life, world and other people as they are and who is able to get the best out of life. Who is mature enough and isn't afraid to make serious steps in life. Who doesn't play games and who dreams about real, wonderful family based on love and respect.

The most valuable feautures in a man for me are reliableness, attentiveness, kindness.My dream is to have a beloved husband,who would be a companion, a friend and a lover for me.

I want my future partner to be strong and courages. Moreover I would like him to be honest, confident, romantic, understanding, attentive.

I would like to meet a kind, tactful, educated man to love and to marry. I am seeking an open-minded and sincere man for a serious relationship. I want someone to explore and share everything in life with. Someone who I can love, care and support, and who can do the same for me.

A Man - my second half must be for me a loyal and affectionate friend, a passionate lover, a son and a father. And I can give him the same. We must have a common interests and maybe work together (because of I have a good education).

I'd like to meet a nice reliable Caucasian (white) man up to 45 years who wishes to create long term relations leading to marriage and who is dreming about children who won't lie and betray and promise stars in the sky but will be my shoulder , friend and partner.It will be very nice if he has sense of humour, educated, not addicted to alcohol or drugs and whose only problem is loneliness.He is Christian.Please send your photo.

That I like and what I want? Rather difficult question. I would prefer to answer, that to me to like in people and that I wait from the person with which I would be happy. The most important I would like sincerity and honesty in relation to myself. I the gentle person and patient. I am always tolerant I treat other people. All of us not without lacks and at everyone the advantages. The person self-assured and in too time soft enough, romantic (as you speak) is necessary for me. I do not love most of all lie. As speak at us, the bitter truth, than sweet lie let is better.

He must be very manliness, strong-willed and also sensitive and affectionate. He must love me very much and to be a little crazy to do something unusual and unimaginable in whole life. I want him to be clever and extra-ordinary, understanding and exellent person.

What you should be - MAN first of all, single, educated, ambitious, professional in your field, fit, caring for family, your job, honesty in relationship and sex, ready to be loved a lot, sure in your future, goal-oriented, responsible, able to solve problems (at least, your own).

Examples of short stories about yourselves in English for a Dating site

I am very big hearted, witty, caring, intuitive, passionate, creative, extreme tenderness, loads of giggling, sensual and classy.

I'm 30 y.o, blond with blue eye, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm openminded, love to do things I never done before, like most kind of sports and I looking for someone who like to live life, do what ever the day will be up to.

I'm divorced, but I don't have kids. I work as a teacher and I want to become psychologist.

I'm Libra by horoscope, maybe that's why I'm kind, open-minded, emotional, tender, loving and cheerful.

I am a kind, nice, honest and warm woman. I like books, film, music, theather, travels, good food, the outdoors, the sea, horses and more. If this sounds interesting, write to me.

I'm an outgoing lady with likable looks, giving heart, and fearsome shrewedness. Taming the shrewed is what it takes to enjoy the looks and win the heart. Plus the game is 'All or nothing'. I have a lot to share with the right guy... could be -- the rest of my life [ain't I generous]

I am a creative person. I am a pretty, honest and bright girl. I am very sensitive, talented and original. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style. My imagination helps me to perceive the world. Desire to perceive the world, desire to create and desire to love - these are constituents of my life. I've got higher artistic education. I am an artist-designer by profession.

I think I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open, resourrceful, eager, witty, warm. For my long-term relation I could be charming and friendly, funny and serious. If we feel that our hearts beet together we'll do anything that we dream about. I do appretiate open and warm relations. I am an Orthodox Christian, but not a fanatic, it just helps me to answer some of the questions life brings.

I love my profession but family means a lot to me too. I love nice dresses, nice shoes, but more importanrt is to help if somebody around needs it. I try to combine being a weak lady and a strong person. If I succeed in it or not you can estimate at a closer contact.

I am an unusually russian women: confident in myself, eager. I have my own flat in the center of town (Moscow) and good car, and dog (because I like animals). But I am passionate, temping and very seductive!!

I am attractive, sharming, kind and honest with a great sence of humor, educated and well-mannered.

I have a good heart, I am a romantic woman, loyal, sincere woman. My personality is quiet, stable, introspective, calm, honest. My dream to have a loving family. I am willing to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love I am loving and caring. Somebody was saying, that an ideal woman should be "like a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the society, and loving in bed". I agree. I try that my glamour and femininity should reflect around my home in the street in the society. My life is happy, but the missing ingredient is the sharing of love with a true life's partner.

I am a cheerful, sociable and sincere person. My friends say that I'm a glamorous and interesting woman. I'm a great dreamer. I believe that life will help me to find my only man. I'd like to meet with serious, honest man for start family.

I am caring, tender, emotional but at the same time very purposeful and hard-working.

What else? I am open-minded, funny and a little fidgety. I like to be loved and like give love in return.

I am loving, caring and loyal. I enjoy simple things in life: family, loving husband and a nice job. I like flowers and would like to have a greenhouse one day. My favourite ones are poppies, tender, fragile and sensitive as I am. The only thing I dream of is to meet a man who is dermined to get married and create a family. Who acts rather than says.

I am different. I am calm, curious, romantic person. My friends say I am glamorous. Also I am tolerant and reasonable, sociable and easy-going.

I'd like to tell you some words about myself. I'm 21 and I'm a teacher of English. To tell the truth I love children and I'll open you my little secret, they love me very much.

What about my character, I'm full of life person and I have many friends. But I need my only man who will love me and whom I'll be able to give all my feelings.

I think I'm good-natured, kind, careing, loving, cheerful, optimistic, creative and sociable. Personal relationships are very important to me. I hate being alone and hurting other people.

I like LOTS of things - I like to socialize as it helps me to understand life and other people better, I like travelling as it broads my outlook, I like kind and sincere people, animals, different types of music, sinema, theatre, watching sporting events. I love spending time with small children and I'm interested in psychology.

My friends say I'm tender, understanding, natural, cheerful, kind and honest.I feel comfortable in jeans and in night gown as well.

I am romantic, sociable, gentle.My friendsconsider me to be glamorous, open, confident in myself. I adore communicating with people.I am rather eager person, thats why I prefer active lifestyle. Besides, I am very curious so I always try to know something new.

I am an open, kind, honest, sincere, cheerful, loyal, sensual and romantic girl. I like and appriciate humour, I am an easy-going, like animals and children. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and those around you.

To tell many good words about yourself is not very modest & I don`t like doing it because people see us from another angel but I can say that I am purposeful & industrious & trying to be reasonable. I can`t say that I am shy & modest but tactful.

It's true that I am cheerful & sociable, full of energy & very active. The most boring thing for me is to watch TV doing nothing so I am always looking for some activities as I am very curious & like studing.

I love nature & am very romantic. It`s very romantic for me to walk in the forest after the rain. Besides i like winter & I think this season is the most romantic & glamorous.How wonderful these flakes of snow!!!

So in the bottom of my heart I am sentimental & sensual, affectionate & sincere, kind & tender.

I think I don`t bore you. So it`s me!!!

I am just looking for a friendly pesron, nice & kind.

What about me? Well... I am an usual Russian girl, live & work, also can`t live without sport!!! I love swimming, gym & stuff like that! I live with parents (temporary)& respect them, I have 2 nephews, love them, I understand how difficalt to raise children!!!! But of course in spite of that I am going to have my own!!! some day! well this is practically all I wanted to say! I try to live life to its fullest!

I am crazy about sport, swimming, I like to visit my friends also! going out!

It is difficult to describe myself. I think I am tender, reliable, honest (evenif the true is not good), a bit modest,... sociable and love communicating. I am frank and natural, candid. May be a bit perseving,... creative (sometimes when I have a good mood I write verses), witty- I meanI like jokes - not that offend people, but merry ons. I am sensual. I am curiose and love new things. I am intense and passionate :))))))

I am open, easy going person.

I am a calm and affectionate, very reliable and quite confident, really generous and reasonable, creative and tolerant women

I am a girl of 19. I am a student. I am very emotionaol, sensual, intense, quick-tempered, very creative person. I have very extra-ordinary interests. And I want to find somebody, who can share them with me. I am very fond of travelling, especially in hot exotic countries.

I am very energetic; I am non-smoker and dislike alcohol. I have a great sense of humor and happy person most of the time. I am a very good at getting people to laugh and look at the bright side of things. I am faithful, reliable, kind care, tender.

I like cooking, knitting, animals, nature, plants, and flowers. I also enjoy travel and cultural activities. I am a student of Technical University of Kherson, I am taking economy and finances, it is very interesting to me, I also go in for sports and learn English.

I began these research just recently as I know that Ukrainian men for the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their life-time. My ambition is to create a strong happy family building up on mutual understanding, love and happy.

What can i tell about myself? I'm romantic girl, tender and caring. Sometimes I think that I'm too modest, sometimes not, it depends on my mood. I can say that I'm open-minded, creative person.

I like painting, music, drawing, travelling. I'm a friendly girl and I hope I will find many interesting people with a help of Internet.

I am a beautiful young lady with greeen eyes and full of vital energy. i don't think life is hard thing, it is just great and full of interesting things. and , what is important - i am descoverer in this field.

I am well-educated and intelligent woman. I am sicere, kind, open-minded with great sense of humour

I'm charming, have a good sense of humor, I'm realy energetic and enthusiastic. I like getting new experience, meeting new people. I'm pretty comunicative and rather natural. My numerous friends say that I'm realy reliable, sociable, understanding; and I try to help everyone in difficult minute of life. I'm realy gentle, caring and passionate when I fall in love.

And if I get the same response I can give all my sincere love in exchange.