Guide to Food and Dating by UaDreams

The end of the year is the special period that reunites people who were separated by circumstances and distance, troubles and happiness at the table with the most yummy food ever. Invite your parents and close friends, and even your cat to try the new receipt of your pie or juicy turkey. As you may guess food may resolve the most serious problems and referring to the oldest saying - never try to investigate something when you hungry - take it into account and try to eat something first. Besides, women should put is in a note that a good dish will relax your man, and, who knows, probably will make a miracle!

That is why this topic became one of the most disputable today as to the matter of dating. And today, of course, online dating as well.

Dating statistics demonstrates that food plays a great role in online communication. So we will try to find out the negative and positive effects of such talking approach. By all means, it is interesting to see if this is the essential part of relationship and if a meal affects a person it is offered to.

The investigation was based on three million of dating profiles, more than two hundred million intro messages that contained any word about food. So the task was to observe if something changes while members of dating websites communicate about food, if their mood is good or bad, if they like each other if they find common interests. Apart from that, 700 males and females have been interviewed according to the food concept mentioned above.

Hence, dating food advices appeared. For example, if we represent the result of the food we eat, it is important to distinguish main preferences about food. To find a good match for yourself people speak about their preferences or very often requirements. To be distinct, some people are very categorical with them. And if different food taking preferences can coexist, the relationship will be stable and two persons will be together. But if not, the chances are very low. Hunger will lead to stress and irritation, thus, it is almost impossible to have a dialogue with such a person as well as with someone who suffers a hanger. Besides, the excitements occurs if a person faced with unknown dish and simply does not know how to use sticks for some exotic meal.

As you see, food theme is not easy for people, for couples, and for singles who tend to date. Below we optimized some facts about food according to the statistics we observed.

Daters adore Thanksgiving food most

It is impossible to live without the Thanksgiving food in this world, Americans say. Every adult cannot forget tasty meal on the table prepared by a family with dearest people around. The association affects the result: people like the atmosphere, and the food of course. We give 52% for those who eat this food, loves it to death! Another 29% goes to the part of Christmas food lovers. What is more, 4% is the bunch of Easter food lovers, however they need a diet then, as confessed. Find below the observing table of the most popular food in the world.

Favourite Holidays Food

Favourite Meal for Holidays
Thanksgiving Day 52%
Christmas 33%
4th of July 9%
Easter 6%

The more you talk about food, the more attractive you become

If you are afraid that your interlocutor will get off the conversation feeling it to be boring, start with food talks and you will be surprised to see the greater interest. A person who is fond of food, it does not matter what exactly, turns to be more fascinating! Passion expressed by anything, in our case by food, will change the online communication into dating in real life very soon. Do not forget to mention some delicious words, like “bakery”, “cakes”, “fried meat”, “chicken”, “potato”, “fresh salad” or “fruits”. The number of incoming messages differ according to the food category: from healthy to unhealthy. For example, if you mention fried meat, you will be less popular than the case with milkshake or fruit salat. Anyway, we know that burgers and other kind of fast food were very popular on 2000 but today we see the situation changes.

Below is the table with the best variant of food mentioning in a correspondence

food incoming messages going up
burgers 98%
chicken 100%
coffee 91%
soup 71%
grilled fish 66%
vegetables 64%
croissants 58%

Worst variant food mentioning in dating profiles

food incoming messages going down
potatoe -71%
fried meat -23%

Protein comes along with the health food category.

Daters emphasize that speaking about protein adds more excitement to the conversation, engage the interlocutor to the topic and discussion. The most popular healthy food for dating is represented in the table below:

Protein 42%
Fruits 34%
Vegetables 19%

If to speak about sensuality one can mention “foodies”

Who are these people? Actually, they are the main persons whose point of view can be revealed in the most appetizing publications. They know how to speak about food in the most delicious way. So, if you found the word “foodie” and used it in your message, be sure to receive a reply and increase the stream of incoming letters to your mailbox. Data demonstrates that the word “foodie” gained 81% of success whereas “cook” took only 27% of interest of daters. As you see, it is better to eat than to cook. Fortunately, there are still people who love to cook for others, who love to eat.

Food will definitely help you with dating

Except the positive effect to incoming messages of dating profile the food can impact the success of the first date. Obviously, instead of speaking much about food it is better to invite your interlocutor to a special place you know with a very good cuisine. Thus it will be profitably to discuss the ingredients and the process of cooking as well as the result. But be careful listener and pay attention to what your partner tend to: if he or she cares about their fit, never invite her to eat burgers instead of salad or soup, or never invite vegetarian to a restaurant with only non-vegetarian menu. Otherwise you will fail with the further date.

Vegetarians gained their top position finally

The end of 2015 has been characterized by the negative reviews about vegetarian movement. Such category of people were always in the minority. Although they experienced some difficulties during that period, today the situation changed and vegetarians have the privileges finally. Referring to our question, people who prefer meat noticed the decreased activity of incoming messages whereas vegetarians became popular, namely, 49% more replies. Daters who mentioned “vegan” in their emails received 46% more responses.

Do not ask her to go out for fast food

Well, yes, fast food is not preferred by women, approximately 55% express their dislike categorically. Men have been asked as well, and only 21% of them disliked. Is there any particular reason for such attitude? Obviously fast food places are not so expensive, besides the service is really fast and the menu is attractive to choose some ingredients with high level of calories and be satisfied. However, this food is not healthy and daters understand that. To conclude, 27% of women agree with the easiness to go out and use fast food places, less problems, less mess. Men, on the contrary, demonstrate the highest interest of fast food dates - 51%. Continuing with our questionnaire, women were asked about their reaction if invited to such fast food restaurant. Only ten per cent will not blame or judge men for such decision and they will accept the invitation respecting the partner. However they will be more attentive with further preferences. The idea of fast food date excites almost all men, this is the fastest way to go out, to eat and to have fun together with no complications.

The Hellish Kitchen International Show

Each year this show gained lots of success all over the world and Ukraine is not an exception. Ukrainian women took their chances to discuss the receipts of the latest magnificent dishes to pamper men of course. Indeed, women in Ukraine know how to hook a man with a food, they cook very well! So daters discussed The Hellish Kitchen show very often, hence, increased the interest to their profiles.

In case your lady have not seen the show and is unaware of the newest receipts this question will not confuse her at all. She will find the way out with a fantasy and Google:)

If you hesitate about your first date, choose seafood

The smartest decision for making this day a special one. It is a well-known fact that it is impossible to make a first impression twice, thus, it is vital to find something extraordinary for a place to be and for a food to eat. Seafood restaurants are the best variant. Uadreams agency dating data uncovered the seafood restaurants in the biggest cities of Ukraine, like Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv as the best places to visit and eat something delicious and to please a lady. Referring to the statistics, seafood wins with 20% and 15% of dater’s interest goes for a steak.

Do you actually know that:

– By all means men prefer a steak instead of seafood? Does in makes the decision where to go more complicated now?
– Millennials are fussy eaters, they ignore European food and prefer Asian.

Buffalo is not advised for the first date

Experienced daters recommend to avoid places with buffalo menu, wings, rings and etc. It is hard to manipulate with flatware and better to eat without, thus that makes complications for a lady. That is why if to start dating with unknown food, you have a risk to face with unknown ingredients and reaction of an eater. Establish the place and the menu before visiting the place and taking your partner there. This will save you from stomachache or any misconceptions.

Ice-cream, cream with strawberries, chocolate with banana makes people crazy

This is a category of a dessert and is considered to be the sexiest part of the course. The interviewed daters prefer sweet things for the first date, be distinct - 12% would choose an ice-cream or cream with fruits; 19% of men like biscuits with chocolate and 25% of eaters like cupcakes, donuts and tiramisu to enjoy for the first date. Shure, pasta and lasagna take 27% and chocolate and cheese fondue - 31%

Healthy food for dating is recommended not only by daters but by dating agencies as well. For example, UaDreams dating agency cares about their men and women and arranges the marvelous meeting at some cosy and delicious places. Thus, couples will communicate easily not worrying about the quality of food and services there. However, they also recommend to all members to discuss the preferences beforehand to take full advantage of the real date.