How to learn Russian best

You have made the right decision - to start learning Russian; congratulations to you! This language is a really fascinating one; it’ll open in your life a great deal of new features. Very important is the ability to communicate with your Russian friends much closer - no language barrier will disturb you. As always, learning of some new language can appear a very interesting thing, but it’s also a little scary. Starting to learn a foreign language, all people ask themselves the question: “how to begin doing it, what with? It's really difficult!”

Maybe you should buy any books? Maybe there is a more simple way? Do not worry and do not be afraid! Of course, to learn the Russian language is not easy, and yet there are ways that will help you to improve your mood significantly - they go quicker, less difficult, and more enjoyable! We’ve prepared for you the best way of learning Russian, and we’ll suggest you some important phases to assimilate them.

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The main stages in the development of language skills

Stage 1: Mastering the basic words

So, before you proceed to the language subtleties, you should definitely master the basic concepts. Before you go any further, take a look on our common list of basic words. You should know that one of the fastest ways to start talking in any foreign language is to speak on it! First, try our simple lessons...

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Stage 2: The alphabet

Fine! You’ve already know how to speak this language! And it is great! Okay, the next stage is to master the alphabet. Immediately after introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet, it won’t be so hard for you to read some Russian words. You’ll read, even if you aren’t capable to realize NOW some meaning, but your lack of understanding is temporary!

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Stage 3: Much more Russian words!

There are multiple ways to learn more Russian words, and best of all works a combination of different methods:

  • The Russian/English words Dictionary: just take a copy of it. You will often have to deal with it, if you want to master conversational Russian quickly!
  • The software for studying of Russian language: there are gorgeous courses on CD/MP3 discs; with the help of them you’ll quickly master the whole pack of words. They often help to learn any foreign language much faster. This method is worth you to pay attention to it too, in order to enrich your vocabulary.
  • Using CD/MP3 is a lovely way of learning: listening to a native speaker, you’re repeating words after him; you’ll remember them so as they sound in the real Russian, without any accent. In this approach the words are remembered much better, and their precise pronunciation like "falls" into your subconscious. The method of listening to recordings from the disc is perfect for very busy people. This CD can be listened to while driving or when you are just walking quietly.

If you need Russian language specially for building successful relationships, then you should pay attention to our language courses and tips. They had been designed specifically for this purpose.

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Stage 4 - Learn basic rules

Okay, it has come the time to deepen your knowledge. The point is that until you’ve mastered the earlier stages, there’s no need to enter the grammar. If you just begin to learn Russian, be sure to perform the first 3 stages. After memorizing some of the most useful words, after you have learned to read most of Russian letters, you finally are ready to move on. Look at our remarkable Guide to Russian grammar — use it too. There you’ll walk through and learn all grammar elements. There are collected all those things which are necessary for the beginner to learn the language.

In that case if you do not used to learn individually or it’s too difficult for you - find some suitable course for yourself. The nearest to your house Language College is likely to have some course of Russian language that can visit it. Such a method has a great advantage that you’d have someone to speak in Russian and quickly gain conversational experience. In addition, you can hire a tutor. It would be ideal, if you met with a native speaker who could teach you how to pronounce Russian words correctly. At the initial stage, communication with native speakers or visiting of the courses can be a great help, thanks to which you’ll immediately begin to pronounce words correctly.

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Stage 5 - Implementation

You probably agree with the saying "Repetition is the mother of learning." These words, with the same success, relate also to the study of Russian. The secret is to teach and then repeat the learned subject little by little, but maximally often - even if once a week! Exceedingly well, if you’ll be able to undertake your studies little by little every day, but such a thing happens rarely (you’ve no time or just too lazy). We believe that you do not need spending on a foreign language all your free time, studying every day. It will be optimally to practice 2-3 days a week, approximately about 30-40 minutes at a go. The most important would be to practice without gaps, i.e. REGULARLY.

In the case if you decide to learn Russian to make your communications with Russians some more emotional, you haven’t any right to excuse your laziness! To practice speaking Russian with a friend is the best and the right step! Then, the more often you will communicate or go on dates, the greater will be your success in learning of this language. Really helps not only speaking with a friend, but also reading and translation of letters from him written in Russian. Make efforts to practice all possible variants.

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Stage 6 - Try to progress continuously

Believe us that your abilities to deepen the skills of using Russian are very large. For example, watch Russian movies, even kids cartoons, read stories written in Russian. You might also join a local Russian club near the place where you live. Of course, the best option would be to visit your Russian friends in Russia! It would be able to help you most of all. When you’ll submerge into the Russian-speaking atmosphere, when you’ll hear their speech everywhere, your progress will be simply amazing.

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