How to know if a girl has a boyfriend – tips and tricks.

Just imagine that you are in a bar or at the Christmas party, drink your cocktail and meet her. She is a beautiful woman with amazing smile, you have a drink together, start a small-talk and you feel that she is Only One. But instead she is smiling and joking with you and discuss a lot of things except whether she’s single or not, so, you couldn’t understand whether she is flirting with you or she is just nice. Of course, you could have a look to her hand and find wedding or engagement ring or if you are chatting online, you could see profile status “married” or “in relationships”, but who knows, perhaps, it’s only way for protection from annoying guys. In the next article we will try to analyze how to act in such a case and get an answer without awkward situations.

How to know if a girl has a boyfriend – tips and tricks

Option for the most courageous - to ask the girl she is single or not.

There are 2 options when meeting in real life – two of you are in a bar and you just pick up you glass and walk along her table and say something like "You look great in this red dress. I like it. Do you have a boyfriend?”. It could be successful or not, but you even try.

Another situation when you meeting online. Although the second option is not so scary, because you can be hundreds of miles apart, but anyway, such an option can lead to a quick refusal - from the category of "yes, and now he plays American football, and very angry when I’m speaking with strangers". Therefore there are more effective ways to know if the girl that you like is single or not.

First tell about your status.

At a party, in a bar or during an online dating, you can apply such an approach - when a man first opens his status in conversation. You could say, for example, “Two years ago I moved with my girlfriend to the capital from a little town, but then something gone wrong, and six months ago I discovered online dating as a good way for meeting people” Such situations push your interlocutor to share information about her status too, but of course there is a chance that it couldn’t work. A girl could answer you something like “O my God, it’s so sad” – and it’s all. So, don’t give up and try more options for finding out if a girl has a boyfriend.

Add humor.

Girls love humor and appreciate it. Therefore, you can use a humoristic approach for any situation. So, when you are at a party, you could say something like“I really appreciate Thomas, who invited me to this party. But there are so many couples here, and he probably forgot to look at my Facebook status - “I'm the last single man on Earth.” And how are you doing?" When meeting online, you could feel much easier and starting conversation with a joke like: “Hey, I’m alien and I need your help in issue how to pretend to be a human being. Is it true that all of them are in relationships? What about you?”

What to do when a girl still has a boyfriend

So, no matter how you asked a question but you have an answer from a girl that she isn’t single. And it’s an embarrassing moment for both of you. There is nothing bad in situation when a guy wants to find out whether the girl is single. If she has a boyfriend, then the right option for you is only one – you joke or say something pleasant like “Let him know that I envy him”, smile and leave.

Please, remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask girls about their status, maybe one time you could be lucky and she is single. And as soon as you find out that the woman of your dreams is lonely, we can only congratulate you. You did it, and ahead you have a first date and new happy moments.

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