Pay or not for a video chat with a girl.

One of the UaDreams clients complains that he has to pay for a video chat, but while he is chatting with girls, they look busy, often get distracted, listen to someone else, and sometimes it seems that they hear for the first time something that you had discussed in e-mails before. Let's look at the essence of these claims together.

The needing translator on uadreams dating video chat is a fabrication for earning money
Save your money and your sanity
Like many other reviewers here. I found that this is a site where the girls are nice, are real and are getting paid to get you on to video calls. Suggest that you would like to come to meet them and you will get the same response saying that they would like to talk more on the $75 per hr video chat first! The needing translator is a fabrication and what lured me from a reasonable free dating service to this one with it's extortionate prices.
Like many here I noticed when online that the girls are distracted, watching or listening to something else possible even involved in 1 or more conversations simultaneously. Also when you talk about subjects that you have spoken about extensively in letters or sms she seems to not know what you mean even asking you things about your family or job that you may have covered many times before.

Thie point of view is strange, just think — the lady has a direct interaction with your translator at the same time as chatting to you and obviously her attention is divided and distracted accordingly. So at the time when you are expecting to receive the lady's reply to your message, you may see her in the process of giving her answer to the translator and there is nothing abnormal about that...