Russian personals review

Let's speak about another good professional website I've distinguished recently –

I like to be the one who points out some general facts about other agencies. I think personal review is a kind of investigation in details in dating sphere. Often we read general information in other resourses and try to believe any fake reviews with wonderful description – a kind of advertisement. But I think sincere and justified analysis will be a subject of a real help for other people.

So, let's see, is one of the most popular dating sites that took my attention. Dating business is rather complicated thing and needs further estimation. I really hope that my point of view will help others to take all necessary and good tips from other agencies just to find what they are looking for.

As with all Russian dating services, I need to make a review for it to use. Indeed each agency has something unique to accept.

What I like

- Fast and immediate registration

It takes 5 minutes to register, simply put the necessary information and start to communicate with ladies.

You can always delete your profile in case you do not wish to continue. Since you are able to take a decision to continue your precious adventure of finding your love will go on, but it takes several seconds to stop and remove your data from the system. No one will persuade you to stay, this is your valued decision.

- Great choice of ladies from all over the world

When you log in, just in the middle of the page you will see the number of pretty ladies from another countries, with one photo of each. Click on it and get the proper entry to her profile with several photos and information about her.

But I do not like the quality of photos, they are non-professional, seems like private ones, what is more - almost all of them are quite old.

- Uploading photos

You are able to upload as many photos as you wish, however, what I recommend – to make them of good quality to show your profile with good rate.

- Menu bar

Offers you all necessary options to make your membership easy and comfortable:

  • Edit profile
  • My photos
  • Change Password
  • Change e-mail
  • Profile Settings
  • Filter Settings (Don't accept mail from users without photo, Don't accept mail from – choose the user..)
  • Messages forwarding (Enable forwarding copy of messages to my e-mail address )
  • Delete profile (All data will be lost without any ability to restore)
  • - Message window

    The main advantage of this option is free possibility to communicate with the lady. You have special small bar for typing a text, then it goes to the opposite bar of the person you communicate with. Resembles the simple messenger, but, as a matter of fact, with the simultaneous online translator.

    - Ladies

    What else you can do: except sending a message, you may add a Lady to Favorites, add a lady to Blacklist, Report Abuse

    - Pricing:

    Communication is for free. As well as sending messages and translation.

    So if the translation is free, that means that you use only non-professional translation, that cause some problems with understanding. Moreover, there are no video services for chatting.

    - Notifications.

    There are no notification letters or advertisement that disturb your mailbox.

    What I don't like:

    Ladies do not respond very often, sometimes it seems like they could be online rarely than it has to be. Ladies profiles- no details at all. If you wish to know some interesting facts about the lady you liked, you can hardly find anything. There are a few information about each personality.

    Speaking about safety, I cannot assume a safe correspondence to be in a guarantee here. You may understand, people, since the services are free, anything could confuse you. Anyway this is a social subject, a dating website with no-age limit and all countries ever. That is why it is great chance to communicate with anyone anytime. You may see which ladies are online and go ahead with chatting for free. You will not waste your money, you will not use any cent. But lots of chances to be scammed. And in this case the only thing I can recommend you is to be careful. I cannot judge intentions of ladies and men over there but I think should be considered as a kind of entertainment.