Russian women and their characters

Here we propose to discuss a very interesting question: what character traits do Russian women namely Russian ones? Having answered to yourself this question, you’ll be able to build a truly successful relationship with a woman from Russia and other former Soviet Slavic countries. Of course, people are different by their natures, but still the majority of women from Russia or Ukraine seek in life to 3 main priorities:

1. To find a good man and successfully marry him (so that marriage was a happy one).

2. To have children, and most importantly - that they were always healthy and had in life the good fortune.

3. To be engaged in interesting work.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple. But let's consider: what does it mean in practice?

Russian standard woman. What is she?

First of all, above all other living things she craves to love a good man. Look closely at the Russian women’s profiles: if they write that "want to create a family," it’s exactly that. The fact is: if a woman in their society does not have success in love, then she is considered a failure and it frustrates her. Any Russian girl and woman tend to have children, to build a happy family. Their women dream to educate children and make them happy and good people.

Keep in mind, they have full confidence that boys were brought up as future men, and girls - the future women (and mothers). In this regard, a Russian lady will not pamper her son as mothers in other societies do. A woman from Russia loves taking care of her face and her appearance in general so that to be look and attractive always. This feature of the national character is associated with the fact that Russian woman wants to be beautiful not only for her own sake, but (above all) for the sake of her husband.

A Russian lady dreams of such relationships where the couple discusses and makes everything together. It is very important for her namely the concept of "couple". Remember this aspect – it’s the radical difference from the Western-style, when women prefer to act independently. Based on the above, we can draw a general conclusion: love and family relationships (for most of Russian women) are always in the foreground, almost regardless of life circumstances.

The optimal way to get acquainted with a Russian lady

Now, let's discuss what should be done not to get a bad dating experience (as sometimes happens when you’re inexperience). Here we analyze in details how to behave you exactly and what to do to get love of a beautiful woman from Russia and build with her the real family happiness! Once you’ve caught the basic aspirations of Russian women, we propose to focus on the key steps that need to be taken when you’re taking care of them.

1. The first greeting

Coming on a date for the first time, do not kiss a girl on the cheek! It is generally accepted just to shake her hand gently, but firmly enough. Never handshake a woman's hand TOO strong (her fingers are gentle enough!); when welcoming the girl and shaking hands, look straight in her eyes - it will show your openness and sincere intentions.

2. The first date

Meet in a place, where you could leisurely and thoroughly talk to each other and find out all the questions. A good choice is a restaurant or even a good cafe. But be not limited by only this choice! Be creative - invent something that will undoubtedly be interest to your girl.

It’s important to dress appropriately: this means that you should put on quite stylish, but not flashy. Let your clothes correspond to the situation where you’ve decided to meet. Be sure to bring beautiful flowers: all Russian ladies like men, showing to them genuine and sincere romantic interest.

3. What about etiquette

The remarkable fact is that among Russian women chivalry is highly respected. In most western countries reforms of the sex rights equalizing have led to almost complete loss of chivalrous impulses in men. If you want to achieve true success, remember that in Russia (and other Soviet Slavic countries) men prefer, as before, to operate in a chivalrous manner. For example, they give a sit to a lady, open the door for her; they help to take off a coat and many other similar things.

4. Money question

Agree that the money topic is interesting always! Remember the simple truth: Russian men are sure to pay instead of their girls. That is, if a girl came with a man (including her father or brother, and male friends), she does not pay for food, drinks, and so on (although often it’s too idealized version). The fact is that without paying for your woman on a date, you run the risk of being branded as greedy person - this is a very important cultural difference, consider it necessarily.

5. Full control of the situation

It is no secret that foreign women always compare guys with men of her native country. No exception in this and Russian women. Of course, some bad habits of Russian men cause aversion (alcoholism, all kinds of violence). And yet Russian guys have a lot of wonderful character traits (generosity, thoughtfulness, including a broad and strong nature). For this reason, meeting with a Russian lady, you should control the entire organization of your joint evening. You must be absolutely sure that your girl is happy.

6. Correct pronunciation

Do you know what the biggest mistake make most Western men, when they want to have a close relationship with Russian women? They did not take any effort to study their language! Namely this, not just the cultural differences, is the most common cause of failures in personal relationships building. According to our customers’ life experience, to be able to communicate in Russian is the essential that needs to take the Western man, if he wants to raise drastically his chances of success.

Marriage with Russian or Ukrainian women

Finally, a few words about what you can expect in the real married life, if you are lucky enough to marry a Russian lady. A way to her heart passes only through trustful and good family relations, based on true love. Of course, on your life path will be everything, good and bad (like all people). You two will be much harder to build your relationship because of the language barrier and significant cultural differences.

On the other hand, such difficulties can bring you closer even more - you can have a truly unique marriage union. In order to pass successfully through all problems of marriage with a woman from Russia - just carefully reread this article. Remember and keep in your memory all our tips on how to make a Russian girl happy and how to maintain a happy marriage for many years.