What are the secrets of successful dating with a Ukrainian girl?

Ladies and gentlemen, I think gentlemen mostly. I am an ordinary guy from one country in the world which name starts with U and finishes with A, there are 3 letters only, don’t forget about The, of course.

The secrets of successful dating with Ukrainian girls

I used to live in Ukraine for 2 years and I have so many stories and life hacks to share with you, bros. So there are a lot of men who would like to date and as a result to marry a Ukrainian or Russian woman. However, if you’d like to be successful, you have to know some very simple rules. So get the actual pieces of advice in 2020.

The first rule is the flowers. You invited a lady to date with you so come with flowers. You want to impress her from the first seconds of the first date, don’t you? Maybe you will be surprised but you may come even with a cheap bouquet but it’s better to bring one rose than to come empty-handed.

The second rule is Russian and Ukrainian women don’t go Dutch. So don’t ask the lady who pays or to request to share the bill. Believe me, I have lived there for a long time and I have never met a woman who insisted to pay her part of the bill if I invited to the restaurant. Guys, be gentlemen and respect local traditions and, for sure, you will have the best date ever.

The fourth rule is to impress. It may be your first, second, tenth or twentieth date, be industrious, find some small surprises for your lady and bring positive emotions to your relationships. Russian and Ukrainian women like when a man cares and shows that he is interested in developing and does his best to be with a lady.

The fifth rule is not to be in a hurry. Wait until she is ready for the next step, don’t be in a hurry. One of my friends in Kyiv advised me: "It’s better to wait 30 minutes than to persuade 2 hours". Did you get it, hope yes? When I built relationships I wanted more than the lady was ready to give. I felt that the lady wasn’t ready and then one day my friend gave me a good piece of advice and I changed my behavior. Guys, that works.

When I came back home I decided to go on dating Ukrainian girls. But, please, remember about online scammers and be safe. Wish you good luck and to be happy!

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