Uadreams scam review

Agencies are to be eliminated as fraudsters but we know such cases when women got bad position in this situation. Uadreams experts show you some general scam scenarios with vulnerable image:

1. Ladies use mailbox, so each letter you receive from it. Letter on is non-free, - you have to pay some money. Pay attention that most of all Ukrainian women know foreign language on a low level so they have to use translation services. No-no, not online free translators! We mean professional uadreams translation service, that is why we see regular misunderstanding and Uadreams scam charges: as lady can say or write on her native language and translator is able to add something just for example to create special atmosphere of the letter. They post phrases in such a manner that makes you feel excited with the receiving the next one and, sure to pay for it again! Therefore you bring more money to the company.

2. One of the most marvelous ways of attention to a woman is a gift: it can be flowers or sweets, or box of small presents, anyway it is a kind of your special care to a lady! But you do not know how to order the best one according to the uadreams price and quality and not to be a victim of scam. Lots of agencies have such a kind of service to offer to you and you do ask for a help! You guess that can be more expensive due to the rent, but the amount is quite higher. You will never know the original price.

Sometimes scam agencies have special agreement with girls, like a deal to steal the money from foreign customers. Girls are paid just to keep the union agency-lady’s profile to attract more money to Ukraine. To play with emotions, to empty wallets, to break hearts, whatever. All their fraudster scams tricks change the reputation of Russia and Ukraine in general, two powerful and beautiful nations, agencies like uadreams, killing by its beauty and leaves you with nothing.

Of course we cannot say something like this about all of them, nevertheless we know lots of wonderful uadreams girls that are above this!

Above all dating websites, when you pay for every minute of communication, for every letter, every photo or media content (for example, on, bad agencies with terrified reviews warning men about scam and fraud. It is better to take woman’s picture with some gift, but in real life just divide money what you pay them.

3.While communicating with your favorite lady you can uncover her to be a man! Well, we had such story when one man who was the owner of such an agency sent letter to another man pretending to be his beloved. In case an agency is lack of female employers they seek for male ones. We have another scam issue: you keep communicating your splendid conversation with such a “lady” until the moment when you offer to meet alive, they suddenly change the mood of the dialog, what is more if she asked you to send some money and you refused (just for example you decided to help when meet personally), disappears or her love ends with another feeling and she offers you to search someone another.

4. One of the famost and biggest cities of Ukraine is Odessa ( has a branch here) and the most dangerous one. Parad of brides. Scams want nothing from you…except your wallet

We want to underline that we meet so many people who found their true love within uadreams online dating staff – websites, services and etc. Writing letters online is a better opportunity and gives more than one chance to create a family.

Serious dating website will not offer delusive services just like to adorn their interface. For example, UaDreams is among the most popular dating agencies (just do not mix with wedding agencies) in Ukraine within their 15 branches all over the country.

Just imagine what a big translation stuff they have! We mean uadreams translation service as the one in need, members from English-speaking countries are interested in those ones that can provide with the best offers due to the language barrier.

Of course, money snowball is established among dating fraud effects however UaDreams is going to ruin your imagination of the heart-wallet-manufacture.

You are able to communicate as much you want and organize your first meeting with the lady as soon as possible, what is more (all above corresponding to their high reputation) both members, male and female are able to remove their profiles after their first meeting in the agency if they liked each other and take the decision to keep communicating without agency’s help.

Just not to be a victim of any lucrative scams tricks you read much here or somewhere else, we encourage you to use services that carefully gleaned all the ladies via Anti-scam Controlling Department. They check marital status, relative documents; moreover each lady is under regular control just to prevent from any scam situations (we know how can that be). This is a real seduction when noble and mature man, paying over hundreds of letters in the agency is eager to some financial help. Women are not stupid, they feel easy money effect. However we speak about those who come from other agencies and try to register in UaDreams for extract money from male members. That is why this topic through the correspondence is prohibited here. No money help. You may send gifts, flowers, candies, certificates for shopping, going to movie, adorns or sets; even personal packages with presents! But you will never send Western Union to your lady until you will see her alive, here in UaDreams!

Referring to above we collected some reviews that explain some examples of cheating men out of their money that definitely will disquiet future members: no one will like intermediary services within love affair. However that can be a notable exception of translation problems or extraordinary ladies who tend to make negative attitude to all Ukrainian ladies by their behavior.

UaDreams takes each scams complaint for careful investigation as it is impossible to keep the business with low reputation. Receiving such reports like service is the whole scam – will help Anti-scam Controlling Department to keep their statistics of bad reviews in general.

You guess that anyone can sit somewhere in another country or ever in another agency in the same city and keep posting thousands of malicious abstracts that deceives within is multiplying bad effect. Is that a competition? Probably is a business game determining who’s getting more customers and money and etc. But this deeply losing manner is not for UaDreams. They find the guilty ones, take measurements, adjust all notices and errors and what is more they look through each suggestion from their members to consider further in their successful project management.

The Scam Risk Point on

Here we have some free space to speak about Russian scam, Ukrainian scam  and Nigerian scam issues.

In particular there is which is one of the most popular agencies to mention as well as the great deal of romance scam. Uadreams members give the brightest explanation of their matters with girls-scammers who had special nicknames, professional photos in her profile. There is one situation with a scam girl being an avis swindler on the website who seemed to rip off male members. If to verify her on other sources, she has several scam profiles in other places to be active as well. However they seemed really to be fake. Actually she is interested in luring men from different places (firstly requiring their personal email address) to speak through This is non-free translation option. Sure they have to pay some fee for each letter. And there is no special word to say that if you try to understand what this girl is, she is fake and a full scam, she never existed! Supposedly you speak to the staff of agency, someone who is working instead of a girl.

The copy of the invitation letter is included.

If we say you have extra money to be cheated with be glad to get with dating websites, here with monthly paid or year-paid membership or free entering or whatever you are welcomed. Your pocket should be ready for extra charges: please pay for each letter to send, probably to get it translated properly or any further fees for gifts or another kinds of services. Let us review several feed backs for low reputation of dating agencies.

Indeed we face with great risk while communicating online with anybody and we accept this risk, right? However there are agencies that make the snowball running over potential members and men and women are less trustful and of course we understand that. But this personal relucting attitude caused greatest interest of ours regarding the professional side of uadreams agency, so we investigated a lot.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Uadreams support team
Date: Wed, May 21, 2014 at 2:11 PM
Subject: xxx, Olya from Ukraine invited you to the International
Matchmaking Agency!
To: xxxx

Welcome to the International
Matchmaking Agency!Dear Matt
You've been invited to http://www.uadreams.comat the request of
[image: Olya from Kremenchug, Ukraine girl pictures]Olya D. from Nikolaev, Ukraine

*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies in our database):

login: xxx
password: xxx

*Any your questions will be answered in our* Support Centre:
+1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: *uadreams*

*No one can know where he will meet his love!*

You can login here:
If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.

Uadreams Support Team.

Probably after checking URL name fl_inna was uncovered and it seemed that this is the address of uadreams support manager or just operator of the agency or some other staff to be paid for this scam job. This point of view is popular enough. So after looking it through you can understand what a scam is there.. Like some busters are sitting over there and having some fun.

**** UaDreams dating has special scam controlling center that cares of their member in particular. In case translator has their lady teamer and makes all ladies dissemble – he or she must be removed from the stuff. Uadreams anti-scam department investigates the quality of services and facilities of the agency and customers feed back, just to gain the leader position on the dating market. So this is quite understandable that truthful details, proof anything suspicious should be directed to them to prevent others from any dangerous scam situations.

Well it is necessary to distinguish that  this ID of URL agency uses as the additional service of uadreams company, for support managers to supervise the situation. They control mailing as well as sending letters and invitations of such a kind but from girls who really exist (!). And no frauds or scams like others may think.

The case is when a lady is seriously interested in a man she gives a sign to her supervisor to assist her with the communication. She start to analyze his personality, invites him to Uadreams and surely it is better for her to communicate on the website that is defended from maniacs and suspicious members or even men-scammers.  After verification of man’s profile girl receives the confirmation to communicate. She is free for all uadreams services assistance - translation and photoshooting, video chat and trips arranging. Ukrainian women need to have their own guarantees to feel safe as there were lots of scam cases when men never came to Ukraine and what's more - they extracted money from male members.

**** Uadreams ladies are to be checked within their marital status, official documents and intentions, this is to be made regularly once in a month or so. Speaking about agreement, strict point is uadreams agency prohibit to send or to ask or even to notice about some money transfer, personal information exchanging etc. They had such cases when scam ladies extracted money from male members, afterwards their profiles have been removed from the system. Male members are in vulnerable position, right. They ought to pay money for communication. However uadreams membership is for free, agency gives free starting services (for email or video chat) to try being here and to discover if it is good or not. This offer made us respect UaDreams approach to connect lonely people, and you guess that it is not so simple to survive among others.

One more thing to mention, really important and to my mind is productive to fight against scam: exchanging of personal data is prohibited, that’s right. But! Only till the first meeting in uadreams agency, afterwards both members are free to give their phone numbers, addresses, skype names and etc. But firstly they need to have guarantee to arrange their meeting in the office. No money to be taken off from each other thus no accusations to any side of the deal.


There is an autre avis (fr.) about fake profiles on Uadreams. Some ex-users mention probable collaboration with other websites to exchange equal information. Indeed women are not real as they look like unreal ans scam. It’s impossible to have such an ideal beauty, to have sensual and intelligent appearance, to be educated and smart but to have very seductive body. Men who faced with scam somehow understand that such photos can be stolen from other websites and obviously model agencies, can attract not wise men with no dating online experience as well as unsuccess in such relationship. Deceivers use the stolen information for rating the traffic of website. It’ impossible in this case to consider uadreams testimonials as true, look like scam, they are created to be as an advertisement of the website to promote and to chant the praises. Plus - Uadreams never allows to give a direct contact, why is that? Just because their girls do not exist, this is uncovered fraud & scam. Isn’t it total waste of time and money? Sucks - people think.

Next scam thing is the quantity of profiles on other websites. Indeed Uadreams do not like the idea. But as they explain women try their luck everywhere, thus they use their time fully not to waste it with waiting. They use every little thing to communicate to know someone better. Actually after registering to Uadreams dating agency girls are to be told about main recommendations but they are not forced to do that. We know that almost every third foreign man is registered in two-three websites simultaneously. Men do the same thing. Is it scam too?

Girls are really very clever, smart and wise in Ukraine. Economic level of the country encourage people to develop their life, to educate to consider better life. But thanks to the roots of the nation deeply Ukrainian and Russian women are really beautiful, there is no necessity to describe their almost ideal beauty, natural with no specific cosmetic treatment and plastic surgery involving. So if you think that you have some doubts about uadreams lady you talk to  - give her an invitation to the video chat or video conference, you can hear her voice, manner of speech, her reaction and gesture, mimics. You can ask to send her recent selvie, private pictures non-published with no professional fixing. As to the perfect photos on the - administration explains that as one of the most important point of their advertisement. Of course not. Women are not a product to sale but this is the main picture to attract members. But this is a chance for Ukrainian women to show themselves just the whole image. Do you know any men who will meet only with ugly woman consciously? I don’t. Our eyes used to admire with everything beautiful, this is the main law of the nature.

Testimonials are real, aren't scam, Uadreams try to monitore couples after their successful meeting or marriage. So if you are interested about their life in particular you can ask manages about any couple (sure if they are agree to eliminate their personal life to someone).


Let’s speak about letters to send. We mean not letters spammers usually pack your mailbox off. Mainly potential customers got the feedbacks from ex-customers that letters are to be written by not real ladies but translators or some other scam staff.  If girls even are real they do not know what exactly details in letters are. So the final picture is: girls come to these fraudsters Uadreams and get free photoshooting and they refuse to be involved in whole process of communication. Besides some of men head that special agreement has to be signed up by uadreams ladies, they have to reply on phone calls, be ready to hold video chat sessions and etc. underlines that they have special agreement for the ladies the requires their confirmation to have serious intentions and no scam activities here. Therefore all documents have to be real and properly offered, passports are to be verified as well as marital status. Only after long process of scam checking a woman is allowed to be a member of uadreams website. Thus they care about reputation having only single women. Letters are to be translated, printed and showed to the lady. Then she decides when it is convenient for her to come to arrange a reply. Usually it takes up to 3 days to accomplish a letter. If it is unlimited uadreams package - even faster. If you doubt - ask her about letters details while chatting, this could be useful to compare the information.


One uadreams customer was strongly sure for the ladies to be paid as he was intended to count how much he spent online for communication. Thousands of dollars! Just for making sure he was chatting online via webcam with real girl and for letters of course. What is more, he was extremely popular and got hundreds of letters from ladies who disappear somehow when trying to get in touch with them properly.

He figured out that almost each website is designed in a way to cheat men out of their money. Man refers to his working place as a translator in one of those agencies he meant and of course he was sure in fraud. Male clients from USA, Canada and Europe used to be disappointed with tricks of ladies from Russia, Ukraine and what is more Latin America. We mean those countries with low economic level though. Within his scam claim he tried to warn all future members of dating websites to prevent them from being tricked.

It is probably convenient to be a fool to pay for uadreams service with delusive perspectives. As he admitted the service is on the whole scam in spite all those good uadreams reviews with swearing and promises as well as giving proofs. As a matter of fact, agencies confess to arrange special declaration with their ladies, for example, ladies do not receive any money for their photos or videos or chats to hold. Author is deeply sure that declaration is delusive: great part of services needs a web cam and not all girls ar e ready to show her face to each man of course.

One more problem some male members experience - this is hard mailing of Uadreams agency. Probably all of us understand that such bombarding with advertising letters are really irritating. Besides if you are already a member of - it’s abnormal to have more than 9-12 letters each day from single ladies who are so-really-too-much interested in one man. Let’s investigate what’s really happening.

Uadreams Members Support Center explained that usually male members send complaints that they do miss some special offers on the website - to have useful discounts or interesting packages. That is why mailing is taken for optimisation of this job. And if you are not interesting in this option you may forward your request to members support center and they will remove your address from the uadreams mailing system.

Secondly, about letters attack, not simple to understand but the truth is that the quantity of males is less than females in the world but in Ukraine the situation is even worth. Women are desperate to find a good husband as Ukrainian men are pampered with attention and women representation. They will always have a good position for themselves but other part is great and they are still single. So Ukrainian family-oriented woman is strictly interested in creating stable and strong relationship, be confident in future and constant happiness together with a good person no matter from what country and no matter in which country to keep living. Yes, that’s true, nowadays the situation shows that women prefer to stay in Ukraine and they encourage their husbands to move to this country if he wishes so.

We used to get data according to statistics that almost 90% of ladies are beautiful and young and this is the main feature of all Russian and Ukrainian future wives! Is that possible that every young woman intends to get married no-matter-what age foreign man? No way!

If you are ugly, I will marry you, if you are 70 years old, I will marry you! If you are poor, I will marry you, of course! It does not matter what is wrong with you and how vulnerable you are but I am ready to marry each foreign man and to make him fool with extracting money within my favorite agency help. – This is how the system used to work and this is average customer used to think. This scheme is set by special units named translators (male or female) who catch man’s attention where the lady only smiles on camera. Or translators got letters samples how to hold the conversation and interest – this is more frustrating – taking the commission (small payment) that receive two from the stuff: lady and translator, what is convenient for both sides. You get covenants - receive money for video chat, for correspondence, for gifts and some other services.

As an average uadreams translator has a nickname and works for about 8 hours shift. Let us imagine that daily she can send more than 100 letters, about 1 dollar each letter will cost. She used to have several men, about 10 per day. However she gets nearly 15 dollars in average. In case man makes an order any kind of gift – flowers, language lessons or sweets – small part of money goes only as a commission.

Now we speak about declaration that he considers having completely no sense, being delusive as we mentioned before. Such declarations should be forced to sign and those who refused, after their chats they have all chanced to be unpaid.

Let us underline that video chats on dating websites as well as ordinary sex chats can be also profitable and cost efficient! However we figured out that there is one point to be distinguished as outstanding difference – usually on sex chats men expect women to be naked with significant play on erotic manner, whereas in contrast they never know what to expect here, on dating web chat. At least they can easily hold a conversation – well, yes, translators can do that professionally. Or great part of men does not even suspect any tricks with them.

Within the word ‘trick’ great deal is uncovered – so-called translators can easily change a girl who neglected arranged video chat into any other, even that one who is not registered. That is why, translators can use profiles of the ladies to chat with male members (log in to their profiles instead of ladies and pretend to be them during whole conversation).

Now we would like to personate the issue and tell you about Uadreams dating agency by the words of one ex-member. This man is about 40, with pleasant appearance, used to spent lots of money (about 50.000 €) for 5 years and has his personal reasons to warn other people about unexpected things that can happen with everyone on

Visiting Ukraine for about 40 times he was sure that no one from other agencies works properly. Speaking about his meetings – he had for about hundreds of them with ladies seemed to be honest, mature and smart enough. However he considers them to be too young for marriage or stable relationships. Mostly they adore receiving presents as being in uadreams agency is a kind of entertainment for them. Referring to the scam complains from another member, agency forces ladies to accept meeting with men just to keep the reputation level. Sometimes such pressing cause changing the home place and telephone number. According to the language – this is a lucrative point as no business to be made without language barrier, translation and so and so forth, and that is why ladies should NOT speak English at all.

Moreover we uncovered that uadreams agency used to provide deep control of everything so they keep insist on their assistance during a date even after first meeting according to the agreement.

If a lady reassures you that age is not a criterion for her to get marry at all – do not believe her! This is a lie and fake. Uadreams agency has ladies who never accept your age and in case you are desperate with the previous experience they offer you to try your best with elder ones.

He underlined that everything is bad there in this country, under mafia control and Ukraine is famous for that in comparison with Romania, Belarus and Russian Federation. Here you will not manage to find your beloved. Such a betrayal from the agency side made him to think about report to court in US.

UaDreams as company has more than 10 years experience and to have bad feedback is more than a privilege here. We know exactly that in case you run against only positive reviews everywhere – you may accept is as really suspicious thing, right?

Dating business established online relationship as a dissembling category of feelings however we do not see any other way two lonely heart to get acquainted on a distance. Yes, language barrier makes money within translation problems as free networks as and have only way to get tricked more often. You are able to use free online translator but no one will give a guarantee with the lady you have been communicating with to be a fraudster or fake. She can be a man in reality with a purpose to earn money due to economic situation in eastern countries (we mean Ukraine, Belarus, Russian Federation).

Uadreams feedback.

We received messages, letters as a feedback from a classic trick with letters. Let’s uncover what it is more specifically. A man, who was obviously a member of UaDreams for a long period (he didn’t mention how long), Matt from Dusseldorf, Germany shared his worries and concerns with us. He has sent a letter to a lady he has been communicating before and got two responses. They were quite different within content and signed by two different variants of the same name Svietlana: Svietik and Svieta. Both responses were directed to member, though as they were completely different, they contained abstracts of the man’s letter, and full responses to each accordingly. So this really causes many questions that seemed like another translator used his opportunity to rewrite the answer properly with his own style. Or probably lady changed her mind and sent another one?

Being rather suspicious, we may think - the response is written by any other lady who does not even have a profile in UaDreams.

Well due to this situation that surprised us a lot, we discovered that our male member has received proper explanation from UaDreams, what is more, his lady Svietlana accepted this case as her fault, her decision caused deep misunderstanding, she did send two letters, after the first one she decided to send another one and to cancel the previous. As for the letter style – new employer made it by his own view.

Of course human factor can confuse you with snowball situations like this. But we look forward for typical cases just to find out is that a normal thing or dating agencies care about their reputation and do all the best to keep trust position.

Also he was talking about some facts like he managed to get ladies’ personal information from another website. But we know exactly that sometimes such can happen when ladies can be registered on several websites, and agency stuff does not know about that. But indeed UaDreams used to prevent members from such cases and verify each profile carefully.

The next thing that made us surprised he was telling about his contact with one of translators from UaDreams (actually is working till now) who used to write letters instead of ladies, like no input from ladies registered in UaDreams. You may confess with your little personal things not with Valya but with Valentin for example, excellent. Frankly speaking his experience was really expensive to find out the truth.

UaDreams explained to us that ladies are the only ones who write letters, agency provides translation services.

The work should be done professionally, translators must be more attentive, and this is the rule if you work with people. This is the subject of social thing!

And low reputation is not the purpose of UaDreams. Be thankful to those who indicated to your negative moments just to face your problem and to remove it.

Google plus opens the page with Nata Sushko (we have changed the name of the lady) who describes her daily tricks on a dating fraud manner. This lady has her own private small marriage agency and she used to uncover how she runs her business, evil, secret and clever. Actually this point is strange enough with cheating men out of their money and declaring the whole world about that, so it seemed someone else has a goal to warn people. Even in such a confessing but drama manner. Supposedly not as to shame this lady as no marketing is here, Google plus pages used to be seen not so often due to the traffic per day, month or a year.

So let’s have another fake story to observe.

This time a man had relationship certainly online and certainly with a girl from Ukraine. Both of them were entirely glad to know each other and after personal meeting in the agency in Ukraine they decided to meet in Moscow, Russia, which was really great. Afterwards lady spent her summer in Israel and we broke up then, as she explained her feelings gone. Nowadays she lives in Israel and she has a family there, they keep in touch till now.

But! Very interesting fact is the lady is still the member of dating website, being always available for video chats. How did he know that? Just being the active member of the website where they got acquainted, he still sees her profile online, ready for chat. That is why he had no doubt for ladies who still get commission for their so-called “job”. One of his male friends keeps chatting with her and even saw a man behind her while using web cam.

Supposedly this is the reason why all these agencies have thousand of profile of "single" ladies.

Referring to the facts above, we should mention that while registering their ladies, check their marital status as well as proper private documents. Personal life is to be monitored on a regular basis by special controlling anti-scam department, just to prevent male members from being tricked.

If to compare with any other agency in Ukraine, UaDreams is not so cheap, as well as arranging a trip. We are convinced, that trip manager will calculate the best financial pack for your trip if you decided to come to several cities simultaneously. And there is something more to mention you can always refuse or cancel any help and arrange everything by yourself: book tickets, apartment, organize transportation from airport, translator and etc.

A point is to be distinguished.

Internet will give you both good and worse variants for stay. For example our member offers to use independent travel agency - this is less expensive than trip services from uadreams agency. However you should be careful, foreign tourist can be tricked as well with non-real prices. That is why check the information properly and compare the best variant.

Thank you for your attention and time for reading this. We will keep investigating if you are interested in.

Omg! Finally I’m done with online show but lately yesterday I saw the place I’m in if there is any “prime time” there, however I was hoping for any tv show and as I figured out, that was show.rpx for and their gallery, if you are indeed interested shows how many single girls would like to talk to you. If they are online and if you are ready, you are able to do that right immediately.

Indeed Uadreams is a complete fake for me, what I was trying to verify about this website - almost impossible. I noticed that women I got in touch with on some non-legitimate websites breaking the chain and stop communicating there and keep forwarding me to Uadreams. I cannot check if those recent testimonials are truthful as no one will give me the direct contact to disturb those members.

Well.. I have the similar case that Nikolas had, actually I was invited to Uadreams after some period, but the reason of this moving was high convenience and translation ability.. seems to me, all women of Uadreams think they are unique and all men follow them whenever they go. So she invited me to this website and the communication is non-free here. What a lure. One more thing I’m gonna tell you. Except their scammers profiles on Uadreams they have profiles on other sites. Can you feel the smell of scam, really?

I am more than shocked if it turns into some fee for their job. I don’t know if they have women or the staff does all job by themselves. Still I need to investigate this.

I wish I could do something with their anti-scam Support Center! They think I'm stupid old man from Turkey that doesn’t know how to behave with Ukrainian women, they make me feel fool and all problems with video chat I have was my fault only. I was using my Android and no issues before were happened but lately when they updated their video chat I experienced image stopping or black screen and my time was running out. That’s why I contacted support very often and still they did not give me any fine decision.
Ahmet T Y

Referring to the post above from Jason I must admit that I think guys from Uadreams have affiliated scammers websites and they work to lure men to Uadreams to earn money from them. At first sight the agency looks really reputable and decent but keep in mind instead they turn your trust to a big big hole called occasional and insufficient fail of all good feelings.
Mike Brown

[UaDreams replies:]
Supposedly our comments on behalf of UaDreams company won’t be reconsidered by you in a good way taking into account your mood but maybe you will have a time for thinking and changing your mind regarding our policy. Right after we give you some clear arguments as to all scammers points mentioned above.

It's impossible to have personal contact of our members as this is a complete secure information, would you like it if we do that without your permission? We think of course not. So referring to the wish of Nikolas to verify if the testimonials are truthful you are welcomed to have the following decision. As we cannot give any contact of our male or female names without their permission we offer you to contact our Members Support Center and specify whom are you interested most of all and then our managers will try to ask for a permission of the happy couple and if they don’t mind - you’ll get further instructions.

Secondly, believe us, the company with 11 years experience, all certificate, 15 branches cannot earn money on their shadow way with lots of affiliates. Yes, UaDreams make money but in an appropriate fair way with completely transparent policy. And no, we don't’ have affiliated websites. is the only one agency with 15 branches in each part of Ukraine. It's a pity to mention but many cases when male members caused lots of harm by their words and actions had happened as well.

UaDreams cannot force ladies to be on other websites, so if you find any lady somewhere - it is better to ask her first about her decision. However we DO NOT recommend them to have several profiles on different websites, such a risky thing nowadays, everyone can become a scam victim. You were invited by lady from Uadreams and sure you have opportunity to communicate with you via private email but if language knowledge is not enough for keeping the communication on the level lady has the opportunity for free translation here, in Uadreams. We do not know any online translator that makes this job really good, including specifications of each language. We know that such fast and disadvantageous method leads to huge misunderstandings. All services are free for female members. They will be notified about any message or video chat session to be arranged. And due to our reputable position they choose this agency to be in safe and meet no maniac or sex-tourist. They have permanent assistance here, that’s why they choose UaDreams.

Let us remind you that you will not have such a good opportunity to speak with a lady without thinking that she is a scammers. All women on are real. You will be convinced when try video chat or phone call or video conference, besides, if you wish to come to Ukraine you will be surprised with the trip assistance and convenient prices with the good offers UaDreams have.

Now let’s speak about video chat issues. Indeed this subject needs more space for talking and more material for investigating. There is video chat test for FREE for each member on a regular basis from Monday to Friday 3-5 pm. so you will be able to talk to technical specialist according to each question: app, time of using, settings, webcam issues and etc. In any case we do not recommend you to have your minutes run out, just press the stop button. In case the fault is on our side all wasted minutes will be returned but after complete technical history investigation. Before chatting please proceed all necessary instructions and check your webcam settings if you wish to see your lady in a perfect way.

We want to say that it would be better if you care about yourself in advance, you will save your time and maybe avoid scammers. Besides all scam issues you may have are to be investigated in direct way by head management.


Scammers’re hiding among most reputable site, you know.. I truly wanted to believe that not, but still I understand that if not a girl but a scammer (a man behind a woman’s face) is extracting money out of us!.. My specific point of view may be ridiculous but first of all you have to check on a webcam.. I cannot dare imagine that i’m talking about any intimate things with a man instead of a woman, oh.. Allah Inshallah I’d rather stop my surfing there and trying to go on speed datings outside.
Tamir Bey

Bullshit. All is fake. Scams use girls to work on them.
Tom V.

Tom, what’s the work in particular? Do they put a mask on and make a performance with the webcam? I can understand if one girl is scamming one man. But what for the hundreds of them on website? They cannot be the same appearance though, be scammers. How come!?

I didn’t mean a webcam but letters only. I was stuck in love with written correspondence, really. And they used me totally. I hoped to build up a relationship with one girl from Russia but after 6 months of our communication she asked me to come first but when I was preparing my visit, she suddenly got many problems and our connection got lost.
Tom V.

Have u ever cn each other, Tom? Or as I noticed only by photos.

Hmm, Dave. We’re hanging on the phone as well) She didn’t have a cam on her computer.
Tom V.

Not so much. Sorry. That does not give any guarantee that you are communicating with the real person but not that one who just pretending. Indeed you are very trustworthy. One can manipulate you once you have spoken sincerely without any suspicious questions. Don’t be so blind, man.

OK. People. Probably I need to gain my turn here. Indeed I think all of you are funny if you turn your brain off. Is it possible to date with girl virtually but never seen her I mean again virtually? Seriously? Are you joking? I can’t believe that some of you really did that shit. All that blind romance passed away long time ago and you should keep in mind that it’s better to verify whom are you talking to and paying for texting. SO. If you pay money - my word is - pay for video chat or leave it. At least you’ll manage to receive some entertainment while speaking with someone and seeing the reaction. I mean, that’s amusing and sometimes it’s better than you speak to someone in real life as you can always turn the connection off. If you can hear what someone is speaking - that’s good! But that in case if she speaks English of course! Otherwise — fail, no exceptions scam case. It’s wasting your time and money. Online translation is a bulshit.
Pincher I

Agree)) I love video chats for the opportunity to arrange it the time when it’s convenient for me or for my woman.. We both know what time we meet and the rest time goes to the necessary business.. Besides, this is the only way as I mentioned to check the scam-person you connecting to. You can check the joke - to see how she is smiling or doesn’t understand at all. How her eyes look like when she is looking at you, is she shy or not..
Tamir Bey

My point is strict. I do not believe any dating site anymore as they are scammers! This year my patience was over. And I encourage all men to stop making a fool of themselves.
Tom V

Oh come on! Life’s too short to think you’re too old for this shit.
Tamir Bey

Sad story of mine isn’t good for the messages above, you know. I still get my skin sweating when remind what love affair I’ve been in. let me warn you, guys, it'd better think twice before getting even register on such dating sites. Once I’ve got an invitation from girl A., she was trying to redirect me to another website where it is good for her to communicate with me (she meant safe+free translation for her and bla bla) but I refused and we broke up. I decided to use only free dating sites as paying money for communication is ridiculous for me - that time I thought like this, but today I’ve changed my mind completely.
I put one of my best photos as primary and started receiving ten or twelve letters per day from totally interested in me women. A half or so were ready to marry me right from the first letter. Another half were ready to come to my place but notifying me inadvertently about their financial position. Wow, they want rich, smart and beautiful. So I played a game a bit and send some of them I was corresponding to a farewell letter from “my brother” about my disease and cancer diagnosis. More than a half stopped sending me letters, even did not respond, another one decided to lure “my brother” into a dialogue, with provocative photos and so on. Thus, be careful with free services, I beg you. Simple efforts but no good result in the end.
Bob McLaren

Oh My. I didn’t dare try such websites. My point - fee paying websites as I don’t want any mess with the translation or transferring services like delivery or video chat technical support or whatever. No problems. I think all services should be paid properly, right like each employee has to get money for his job. But actually you’d better choose what isn’t too expensive haha, right?)

For me, virtual surfing is more than just catching up with others, and not only nights and nights while working all day long. Particularly men above 35 do not have enough time to go out, they date if they have at least 5 min for a cup of coffee. Average man above 35-40 is married or divorced so just having him as potential scam victim is not necessary. He is wise and educated. I know basically men after 50-60 are scam victims just due to their sexual seduction: girls-models have a magnificent power, they are young and beautiful. They have all their life. I’ve read some issues here about models and scammers, and about scam types how to detect deceivers from girls you contact to. Actually I’m always afraid of dating with beautiful quirky “model” than some mousy persons. Models is your danger anyway. It’s hard to find a wife among such online and experienced professionals. The devil is in the details. Be careful.

This site is such a joke. Who in their right mind would pay a ton of money for simple text messages (that apparently take 2-5 days to send. really?) and 30-minute video chats when there are countless quality services out there that offer all of this for FREE? The decision whether to use this site or take my communications elsewhere... couldn't be more of a no-brainer. Sadly, if these guys are still in business it must mean that there are poor saps out there who are taking a sledgehammer to their bank account and paying for their services. Arrange communications through other means and stay away from this site!
CloudS. A total scam 2017-04-14

I am writing this review to warn guys who are using this site or would like to use this site. Stay away. You will get only emotional damage in return and several thousand dollars hole in your bank account. I was on this site for 8 months. I communicated with one lady continuously. Just to mention, I am in my... early 30 and quite a good looking and have a good career and lives in western Europe. Communication with the lady I was communicating with was a like fairly-tales until I met her face to face when I visited Ukraine. We spent few hours everyday together during my 3 days visit. We exchanged our phone numbers and everything. So, when I came home, I called her but she did not picked up the phone. This continued. She were never so eager to talk on the phone. She only wanted text chat on VK or on Uadreams video chat. I chatted with her once on uadreams based on her request then I insisted her that we shall talk on whatsapp/viber/skype. After that she even stopped responding to my text message on VK. Later after sending so many messages on VK and letter on uadreams. She told me that she does not have any feeling for me and can not see a future together. I complained this to the uadreams mentioning that girls on your site are not serious and are players. They just told me that they are just dating site and can not guarantee relationship. Then what is the point paying so much money for a dating site? I realized I was such a fool for a long time to be on this site. The site and girls on this site are thriving on your foolish hope to find love. The girl on this site are nothing but players. You will not realize this until you visit them. Until then you will think that you have met love of your life. All the good UX design of the site and testimonial will force you to believe that. Do not get fooled by it. It took me a month to get over it and move on. If you would like to ask me, feel free to inbox me here. Response to uadreams: If you are just a medium and dating agency then why should we pay such a high amount of money to you. Isn't your responsibility to make sure that the intention of girl is serious? The girl I have communicated and met was only interested to talk on uadreams and vk chat but not on the phone. Who would ask to chat on uadreams site once we met each other and have exchanged phone number? Only girl who is player and scammer would do that. Overall, you are just site that are fooling men and thriving on hope of men that are looking for love. Tip for consumers: Stay away from this site and girls on this site. If you think that you have found love of your life on this site then you are in their trap. You will get nothing but emotional damage and a big hole in your bank account in return. Do not live in fantasy. I am telling from my experience. If you spend the same amount of time and money finding a woman in your own country then you will have a way more chance to succeed.",
KourtSB. Ladies on Uadreams are players. Stay away from them 2017-04-13

UaDreams staff consisting of psychologists, sociologists, lawyers, ... have never persuaded me to trust to arguments that cannot be proved. It has always been their also acceptable argument against my acceptable argument, and so the probability of them telling the truth is a half and it is little for me to trust. But I am allowed unchargely to view and... read the ladies' fascinating profiles (like that of Anna #2677 who 5 years ago was 19, 167 cm tall, officially black haired, B.A. student, while now she is 170 cm tall despite women stop growing at their 18, officially brown haired and still in 3 - 4 years' B.A. study of sales, starting it probably at 18, so studying it (not e. g. subnuclear physics + neural networks at a time) for already 6 years, and being at UaDreams minimally for 5 years already she certainly has sincere intentions to us men, especially at the beginning of the period, like every starting bachelor student dating on international dating site like UaDreams, or like that of Alena #3222 who at her 23 of age states doctor's level of education in her profile while perhaps whole the rest of people on the planet Earth state at that age maximally master's degree, or like that of Christina #5285 with her first child at her 17, second one as soon afterwards as possible, now wanting a husband from abroad, being rightly estimated by the personnel of UaDreams to be quite ambitious and goal-oriented, or ...) and the communication between me and the staff, often praising me Libor, it's always interesting with you! / you are wonderful! / we adore you! / you are the best!, has never let me in peace. At present I do not search for a new relationship; when I did, I used uncharged dating websites, there also were ladies who attracted me, but in small number, which reflected reality. In spite of it, they preferred men from richer countries and the latest one, Irochka85, redirected me to UaDreams, also from which, here after several kind, looking sincere letters during a long period, she vanished. From her private e-mail address, being published on Google, she does not react even though she knows that I can communicate also in Russian, that my mother tongue is also Slavonic, and that I stated her there some state websites (which are in English version and I stated her this too) of job offers for Ukrainians, respecting fields and high levels of education (which I have also and she knows it), lengths of work experience, in big cities including the capital, with high salaries (several times higher than in the Ukraine), work visa and equivalents by employers (employers in private sector being checked by the state for non scammers) being arranged for at the embassy after personal interview between employer and aplicant. I cannot go on a new relationship as I love her, but even if not, I am not cared for by those suiting me, they prefer richer men, so I suffer from loneliness. What else remains me as to women than viewing them on the screen of my PC or TV to shorten my loneliness. If only she knew how much pain she makes me. I hope that some time she will read this here after searching for 'Irochka85' or UaDreams reviews on Google, out of curiosity, as I do often, and she will have a chance to reply me here at the reviews website, or to get on a dating website, best if uncharged for us men, as Irochka85, with new photos of her, visible on, or to register e. g. on Facebook, visibly stating Irochka85 as her nickname, or at least to return to the not too much trustful charged UaDreams see at I would Awake to life again if she, so beauuutiful, turned aiming of her Love back to me.
Sean. fascinating ladies, loss of Irochka85 2017-04-11

I expect a commercial site to make money, but this site is greedy. If you try to send a girl your contact details, the site blocks it. The only way you'll get to meet your girl is to buy one of the site's expensive trips. I met a girl on a free site, but she now only uses this... site. The reviews I've read, which say the girls are only interested in earning money for the site appear to be true. Later (after UaDreams replied): I find UADreams' reply to my previous remarks disingenuous. $6.99 to write a letter and THEN they delete it undelivered (but still take your money) is robbery. Also the site's terms and conditions are buried at the bottom of a page, which keeps getting longer, with so-called new girls. I couldn't get to the bottom to read the terms and conditions. The only way I could see that they are there are at all is by holding down the page down button. I was writing to someone, who was on another site. She now says she doesn't want to visit that site to obtain my contact details. The conclusion I draw is that she's not genuinely seeking a relationship, but paid by UADreams to con people into paying for video chats. Stay away.
Michael Zhulz. Money grabbing site 2017-03-25

At the first sight, uadreams makes a good impression. If to explore it more, you may find both pluses and minuses. It is necesary to mention the professional structure of the site. They organize a comfortable communication with women, I personally like that all my communication is placed in my profile, I can easyly get to what I need.... It is not a secret, I'd like to pay less for their services, but free dating sites seem even more dangerous today. I want to try and see where it may lead me.
Rob Main. Uadreams are not the perfect 2017-02-13

I have tried several other sites but they repeatedly ignored me and my questions. At least ua dreams shows that they appreciate their customers and are extremely patient with them. I can see that from my own experience. The girls and women... all of them are different. And I can understand their view on men who are playing games with... them. All is fair. If you came to the site to play games, they will play with you. If you are serious and reasonable then they will take you seriously. Don't complain that a girl of 20yrs will swoon and fall in love with a dirty old man in her letters and will shy off when you try to kiss her on a real date! Maybe those girls are too polite to tell you off. I see the problem is that mostly the clients of paid agencies are already in their 40-50-60ties and the agency welcomes much younger women to attract such men. The young men prefer free sites and social networks to communicate, but they are simply enjoying themselves and creating a family is their last priority. So if the girl wants a real and well-off husband, she has no other choice but to consider a candidate with a bigger age gap. But if you are not a pervert or idiot or a lowlife your chances to find a real bride are high. By the way, it is applicable not only to uadreams but to all similar companies, except the free of charge ones, who only show you the photos and recorded videos of some brainless or ignorant girls.
Mr.Big. It is so weird reading all the naysayers here. 2017-02-01

After a meeting in Zaporozhye with à girl, went in to a practical joke. She is one of the worst diggers I have seen , I have experienced at least 40 real meetings..but this the luxury girl collect items , like perfumes, wine, lingering and of cours she loves to show herself in beautiful clothes like a model.. But when it comes... to holding hands, hugs it won't work..It's like she just want to bee seen with you and take photos,,, She will ask you for chatting because there she earning something, normally they get English lessons in pay back , or pool tickets, and gym tickets as well. But this girl have not that time she just like to have here friend as translator as also like to have the same good times
Jack. A typica place from gulddiggers. 2017-01-26

This site earns its money from sending standard letters to men. The women are not interested in love, they are interested in money from sending and receiving letters for money. When you use one of their translators, you are really communicating with a person earning money from sending and receiving letters. Even the positive reviews here are mostly... fake: Notice that the persons writing positive reviews here have usually never written any review about any other web site; these IDs have been created for the sole purpose of writing a fake, positive review. Use a free web site instead. and are good dating web sites with lots of serious persons.
X_Star. Scam 2016-11-28

j ai rencontre une femme de lutzk 37 ans 1 enfant elle ne ressemble plus au photo du site: les seins qui tombent n a plus de fesses apres les restaurants presse de partir toujours une excuse, complice avec la traductrice pose des questions sur maison travail mais n a pas l intention de partir a moins que vous... lui payer le voyage aux maldives pas de respect pour l argent depense et les kilometres d etre venu la voir, une paysanne de la cite ou elle vit voir pire?
Mark. perdu 4 jours a lutzk 2016-11-21

FRAUD, FRAUD AND MORE FRAUD. Take it from a former U.S marine investigator. I have been around and back,I have seen and done it all. This ua dream is a total scam most of the women there get paid a percentage to get you to chat pay to see there videos and pictures and what ever else you can spend money... on through them. At first they are nice then they lure you in and then watch out .Every thing even the trip there is all a scam. all as they got out of me is thirty plus dollars because I picked up on them rite away. I normally do not get involved with this kind of stuff reviews but I got to tell you guys ua dream that all it is a dream.

I've been to many dating sites, currently I'm using Site is made rather professional, they offer a wide range of different services. In order to keep it in a proper way they have to ask for a payment. They are smart guys and payment process does not seem so difficult. It's so inconvenient for me that I can't pay via... PayPal. Agency's located in Ukraine and they have limited access to international payment systems. Payment via my credit card requires a lot of time but soon I realized that it's the best way for payment. Apparently, it is the only fault they have, because all the other services are just brilliant.", "name": "I'm absolutely sure that both my money and me are in safety
Jascu Forsan. I'm absolutely sure that both my money and me are in safety 2016-09-21

Hello-hello! Oh, there are so many reviews here about Uadreams agency and I'd like to share mine with you. I joined the site almost a year ago and really cannot complain :) I haven't faced any unclear or strange situations either with the agency or during my communication with the ladies (thanks God :)). I enjoyed corresponding with the ladies,... by the way and I have now only one lady who I communicate with. She is beautiful and sincere, and I have even planned my trip to Ukraine with the help of Uadreams trip manager (nice girl :)). So excited about the visit, you cannot even imagine... My love is waiting for me and I'm counting the days until my departure which is in October, so soon :) Maybe this will sound strange for some men here, but I like Uadreams and enjoy my membership. I was a member of a few other dating sites, but can tell you for certain that Uadreams is my favorite. They provide all kind of communication services, I can even order a gift for my lady, and video chat... I love this service! It's so fantastic to see my beloved through the web cam. I feel I sound like a guy in love :) Well, it's so and I truly hope it's mutual, my lady and me will understand it soon during our meeting. I surely would recommend Uadreams to all who are searching for their other half, I believe it's possible to find them on-line!
Jaque McGill. really cannot complain 2016-08-28

They say a lot of bad things about dating websites on Google, but I thought over this matter and decided that everything cannot be so bad. I tried to meet girls on uadreams, because I liked the site. Everything went well, I met a lot of girls and wrote a lot of letters, but I like video chat the most... of all. I can see all my favourite ladies, I know how they behave, that's great! Uadreams translators are very good. They help women to chat, because Ukrainian women often cannot speak foreign languages. You don't feel any language barrier. That's great. I would chat from the morning till night. It's a pity that we have time difference. Girls need to go to bed when I want to chat lol. I plan my visit to Ukraine with UaDreams. Now I have my air tickets booked and hotel reserved. Uadreams made everything for me, they arranged 3 meetings with different women for me. Let's see if my trip will be successful. Keep your fingers crossed!
Franc. At first I was hesitating about online dating. 2016-07-25

I met someone in real life from Ukraine who has been married here in US and I met another friend who went to Ukraine through UADreams and met a girl and has been talking to her. So I decided to try it out. Here is my 2 months of UADreams story and cost me $5000 or more in the trip.... I let people decide whether its a scam or real not me. The entire story is true and nothing but true. The very first thing you have to remember is that UADreams tells you they wont let you exchange personal information about the ladies unless you personally visit them. Here is the line from UADreams We don't sell neither let our members to exchange personal information till their first meeting. This way UaDreams protects ladies from being scammed or abused and what is more important UaDreams protects its valuable male members from being scammed Their emails and communication is very expensive online chat is about $60 an hour or more. The email is about $3.5 to $7 an email. Its cost of the translation as they claimed. Remember again you can never talk to the lady whenever you want unless you have her contact and to have her contact you have to visit Ukraine in person (Mandatory). I started emailing some of the ladies to filter out who I want to meet. Most ladies did read my emails for $5 each and all of them replied but also a lot of the ladies ignored the questions I asked. Thats a steep price for not having any reply you wanted. So I filtered out the ones that read my emails more intimately and because you cant really exchange the contact information I decided to go visit them in person. I received a confirmation from the Support Three ladies from Lutsk Tanya #5250, Ira #6303 and Svitlanka #4248 confirmed the dates of your meetings. June 16th This message I received from Support when I am already in Ukraine Tanya #5250 will be at work during the whole week, the lady is a nurse and will have to work double shifts, the lady found out this after her vacation only. Svitlanka #4248 will be out of Lutsk, the lady got a chance to have a vacation at seaside and she will leave today. June 27th. After having booked all the hotels and flights and reaching Lutsk they message me they are not available some other girls are available to meet. I met 6 ladies. Two of them refused to give me their phone numbers or exchange even emails. 4 of them never replied after my meetings with them on phone or whatsapp. The dinners were more expensive than I expected. They ranged from $10-$100. We are talking about a cheap place here most people dont earn more than $100 in Lutsk in a month. The ladies who were messaging me on their own sending me hugs and kisses absolutely disappeared after I left. When I asked the ladies about future plans and marriage they felt an immediate irritation on their facial expression. Only 1 girl showed some interest by asking me about future family and marriage in person, she also bought a gift for me, that was really a surprise but she declined to have any contact with me after I left and she insisted. I almost felt like there was a strict communication from the UADreams of how not to keep in touch with anyone from abroad or give them any contact obviously I cant prove it. Rest of them talked only about what they liked. If they are not asking about you they are not interested in you thats a given. One girl kept talking about how she met this soccer player and kept showing his pictures. Would you consider it rude if a man has come 8000 miles away looking for a potential bride and paying for the interpreter $15 an hour and taking 2 people out to dinner and they are busy showing the guys she hangsout with? The second interpreter in Poltava was busy with her phone and texting someone back and forth while translating and kept asking me the questions repeatedly, what? can you repeat? but she also helped me go to the grocery store and helped with exchange foreign currencies. The first interpreter in lutsk was really nice she translated thoroughly and she smiled and giggled the entire time, unfortunately she was not a potential bride. Also most girls will be working and will meet you only in the evening unless they have other plans. So their first priority is their job second is their friends and other activities, you are their third preference when they are bored and can get a nice dinner with you. They will meet you only very small specific hours and not want to meet on her own but only through UADreams. The biggest question I have for UADreams is that the girls send you kisses and try to talk to you on their own but after we exchange contacts there is no messages from them. They only want to talk to you through the website which is prohibitively expensive and not try to know you in real life. Does that sound like a scam in any ways? The girls are real. They just look slightly different than the pictures, the pictures are really enhanced. If you do a video chat you will see the real them. They are just like normal girls you see around. I have dated a lot more beautiful women in my real life. 1 was below average 2 were above average and 3 were just about average. I wouldnt date them in real life honestly the average ones. The girls in the city were a lot more attractive than in UADreams. If you have a lot of money to throw then maybe you can go talk to them and take them out on expensive dinner dates. Its basically what it is just one expensive dinner date with someone who is not really interested in you. If you are extremely rich and bored you can get dinner dates in US or UK easily , you dont need to go to Ukraine to go for dinners with with girls who dont speak your language. Remember escorts are not illegal in US/ UK or any country as long as you donot talk about getting physical with them. The only good news I have is in Lutsk there were more women than men everywhere, men were working somewhere in factories or something. If you go to night clubs in Lutsk Kiev Poltava you are going to see more women than men. I think you might have a better chance of finding a date there than on websites. I got a few numbers from waitresses & receptionist of the hotel I was in. They are the only ones still talking to me. They seem more eager to come to United States than the ladies of UADreams, what else can I say. It was basically $5000 and a big lesson to learn. Its a great place to visit, I would love to go to Ukraine again. Everything was cheap, you can lead a very good life there for less. As UADreams pointed out they did follow mostly by the rules they set:- 1 Cannot exchange contacts without meeting in person - Correct (but maynot have their contact even after meeting them) 2 Are the ladies real? - Yes they are Are they interested in you - not me maybe for you, you can try. Also they dont look like their enhanced pictures) 3 Did they ask for any money - No they did not but they expect you to pay $100 per girl you meet and take them to nice restaurants that they would not go to otherwise) 4 Are they potential brides - Yes (But not your potential bride)
Hosse_BX. Donot skip, this is the only review you want to read. 2016-07-08

Its outstanding, when the agency takes care of its clients and reacts on situations, connected with scam, in time. So, you have been secured from the nasty situation. Matters of the heart are often a delicate situation. You have to be grateful to them! It means, your ANOTHER SITE is really interested in the fact that only real peoplebecome their clients. It is a waste of time trying to earn on scammers. It is strange, that you managed to give the lady your e-mail right after her profile was closed. I do feel sorry for the agency that takes care of its clients faithfully, and in return, the men hit the agency team below the belt, trying to come by a professional team and give their e-mail to women in order to correspond with them without the help of the agency. Thats why very umpleasant sutiations, connected with girls-scammers occur. When you write personal e-mails without the help of the agency, NOBODY protects you. What can you be sure of in such a case? How can the agency be responsible for the girl? Then you ask - why wouddent she write me private if she had my email And how can the girl be sure that YOU are not a scammer? Men can also be scammers, and they get money from women during their private correspondence through e-mail. Thats why she didnt write: The agency is her defender, and only honest people can pass its verification. Talking about uadreams, I have used their services for about a year. And I cannot complain about the real girls that I met in Ukraine, when the agency organized a tour for me. What can I say, well done! They do their job perfectly, as they promise. I wish you good luck and to find you happiness! Dont be disappointed that you didnt manage to come by the agency. Use professional help, and everything will work out well! 
AndrewS. Perfect job without scam! 2016-03-22

Hi to everyone who suffers some dating scam issues! I decided to stop my silence and share my concerns with you. I came across the problem that uadreams is one of the most powerful and professional dating agency that runs scams in a perfect way. They offer high quality services, by all means you get best intelligent romance scam instead. Sure they run their dating business very good and they are confident in their strategy. I believe this was the reason why I became their member and decided to stay for about three years or so. I like their website with services, I think video chat was of a very good quality, the image was really good and I managed to upload it to my phone and see a girl perfectly. I think this option ate my money. Generally I spent over $9 thousands of dollars for all services I tried, and I tried a plenty of them. And I even tried to build up relationship with several girls from uadreams. You probably ask why and I will answer that if you sign up, urgently many girls from uadreams see your new profile and of course they would write introduction letters to me. You just cannot start talking with only one, you need to reply to everyone. They use your profile information to ask about your life or share about their life and love story. Anyway they know how to start a conversation. At least you try to talk with that one you like most of all. I found video chat the the most convenient way to talk with a girl, I can type, see her and get the immediate translation (indeed I can understand a few words in ukrainian). I loved the way we talked very often, I liked the way she looked at me, she was shy sometimes. Actually I must confess I liked her so much that I came to Ukraine to see her. I was surprised to see the opposite reaction to our meeting, she was indifferent, cold and expressed no interest to me. As you, how scammers work at uadreams. They pretend that are interested in your personality, instead they count how often you can chat and pay for chat minutes. That was a magic trick. She treated me very well on a distance, but when I came she had to explain to me that we have nothing in common and there is no chemistry between us. After that situation I started two relationship more, but they led to nowhere. We chatted continuously, they invited me to come, but if I planned they suddenly found the reason to postpone the meeting in real life. The next attempt of mine was with the girl named Nonna from Cherkasy. I liked her, she was beautiful and smart, we were joking and telling lots of stories to each other, then we enjoyed discussions about movies we would like to see together. That was really nice. But once I’ve found her on vk website with private photos of a man holding her like a boyfriend. Of course I told everything to Uadreams to get rid of her and they did. Sure I intended to cancel my membership and leave as soon as possible but they made me try once again. They offered me personal match and I agreed. This agreement brought Nastya to me, she was nice and probably was interested in me as she initiated our next conversation. But I was surprised to death, she also had a boyfriend on vk! I see that they use the same strategy, they don’t really care if men from uadreams will go another website and look there. They need to find new potential customers for uadreams to purchase services to talk. Nonsense.
Probably men like me is the way to entertain themselves. The job is really interesting: you acknowledge new people, their lives, their money. I asked uadreams if they would delete her profile, but they refused with the reason I had less proof than just words. And they will not verify this information, they just don’t care.
Be ready to wake up and run away, people. Each girl earns around $1000 per month tricking one man only. So the billion is the budget of the agency. They will never fire their golden ladies who bring them golden eggs.
Go ahead and read more about video chat. If you think there are many problems with video chat due to connection or iOS or Android systems, that’s not true. The problems is that uadreams girls chat with several customers at the same time and very often the translator can hardly make her job simultaneously. The program is good, it’s compatible with any gadget.
If you buy one communication service of the website (picture, chat, email), a girl gets %5 from it. They profit to continue talking with you even with unlimited emails. If you talk with one girl, she may have friends in the branch and they probably used to speak about you and share your intimate issues with each other.
Undoubtedly, I was upset to see no billboard of Uadreams office when I arrived to the agency. I noticed a Modelling agency board but it seemed to me they are illegal in Ukraine. So probably Modelling agency covers the dating agency I think. Girls are not fake but they have profiles on vk. I verified. I just even sent some invitation before removing my profile from uadreams. But indeed all of them have been rejected by girls, they did not want me to join the site for free. Hence, can you see what I mean? They want you to use non-free platform for dating. You have a few chances to find your beloved with uadreams. All of them are on vk. Yessss. And not all women from uadreams are single. Be careful. Do not believe their and all that staff, as well as antiscam tools they used to blabla about. This is not true. They have private scammers. And of course the agency defend their women. You have nothing against that. Anyway, they have thousands of clients all over the world and you guess the funds they may obtain. This is a total scam, Ukrainian scam buffers the world scam SWALLOWING YOUR WALLETS. This is a rip off. uascamdreams or uadreams whatever, they do the same scheme using their best women. Bingo, they profit with such approach.
So my last word to those who still want to try Ukrainian communication: plan your trip to this country and go by yourself only! You don’t need an agency or assistant, you can find in the internet everything you want. Take a couple of weeks to go down the streets, have look at those beautiful women, they really are. But be warned to face with multiple agencies here. Who knows probably your new girlfriend works at one of them? Women in Ukraine are elegant and posh, they would definitely attract you by their looks and the independence of the life position. However if they have a choice between you and the agency, they will choose the agency because this is a constant job position, that offers various communication and further earnings. If you are still sleeping, dismiss what I’ve written here and keep using dating websites like uadreams.
Tomasito Cama P. This is a rip off. 2017-12-01

Dear Tomasito Cama P.,
We thank you for such specific sharing of your concern about our agency. We are confident in our intentions and your sincerity is very important for us.
However we are very upset about your story acquiring negative attitude towards out company. By all means we care about all our members and it is very difficult if the conflict is between both sides. In this case our role, as the third party, is to help to resolve with no harm to each side. We sincerely apologize for the communicative issues you experienced with our ladies. We represent software for communication and we facilitize all efforts of our members to contact each other, this is the essential thing we care. This value includes common language, user-friendly platform and professional staff. We provide security for each our member, whether men or women. Because very often women from our website met unfair men who promised to come but never did so. If our ladies communicate on free platforms, they have no defense, no assistance and no guarantee. Referring to the vk social platform, it has been prohibited since this year, hence, we are not able to control the activity of our members. We are not able to prohibit them to register on other websites or post another information, we have no right to do that. We think that you will not probably like if we follow your moves across the internet as well. This is a private life of each person.
Regarding our business, it is vital to mention that we have the 11 years experience of running a dating business across the Europe, US and UK. We have a reputable position among other international dating agencies and we try to keep the bar high. We are a certificated legal agency that pays all related taxes in Ukraine in spite you did not notice the billboard of our company. We moved to the new office, that is why your visit occurred during the last changes. never hides from our members, moreover, you may watch our branches work online via web cams in each city. All addresses and contacts are confirmed, our staff is ready to assist you in each issue.
The vk website is no longer allowed in the territory of Ukraine, therefore we are not able to control the information there. We sincerely apologize for the issue with Nonna, however you haven’t sent us the proof yet (screenshots or scan of letter abstracts). In case of further investigation we need to have more information. We cannot remove our member from the system without it.
It is important for us if our members value terms and conditions of our transparent policy. We achieved high results in antiscam policy with inventing to software to build antiscam filters and to verify profiles manually as well. We appreciate if our members will be careful with money transferring to unknown people or sharing the personal information. Indeed, we prohibit to do that. Otherwise our members will find their info stolen and used in some other places.
We are pleased to know that you appreciated our women to be real, not fake. We are glad that you enjoyed video chat program, thank you for mentioning that. We carefully register all our members, especially female. All of them are interviewed with approving of the documents. We never let the women with uncertain status register on our website. Technically our women are not able to communicate with several men during one video chat. This is impossible due to the program settings as well as the human factor: our translators do the job for each member separately.
We know that usually personal meeting is the fact of a risk. There were such cases when men arrived and refuse to continue relationship with our women. Life is unexpected and we should accept personal mismatch as well. But we do our best to offer you all our options to know any woman better.
We hope that knowing the fact that Ukrainian women are the best wives you will keep your intention to find your beloved with our agency or without. Keep in mind that women of our country is the most responsible and family-oriented. They are mature and financially supported. They want to know a man better to trust him and to rely on him to share common life in future.
We understand that the internet gives suspicious materials about scammers in Ukraine, however, who knows who was the author of those materials to ruin the reputation of UaDreams, right? Our aim is to face with positive and negative facts of our business and finding the approaches to resolve such issues preserving the privacy and security of our members.
We truly believe that such misunderstanding will not change your mind to visit Ukraine for a while and to communicate with our beautiful women. Bya ll means we wish you to find your destiny!
Best regards,
UaDreams Members Support Center

UaDreams Members Support Center. Reply to: This is a rip off. 2017-12-04

UPDATED. 22.01.2020

Hey Bruce Thank you great advice re 4661

Building relationships we always face the same problems. There is no difference where we met the man or the lady. The agency does check the documents and the ladies but the pure intentions can’t be checked. However, has a great support team that is ready to help with the problem and solve every one. When a man has information about the lady, if he knows that she is in the relationships, the agency always asks to inform and they delete the lady’s profile.

Henry Bakker is very satisfied with everything.

There are a lot of positive reviews and that’s great that the company really helps people to meet and to date. Only professional interpreters work in this company so the translation is perfect. That’s true.

Sandy Francis married one of uadreams women

There are a lot of men who met their wives on UaDreams and they are married happily. It’s sad that some ladies aren’t sincere and they don’t tell the truth to the Agency. In deed, the team tries to find the ladies who aren’t serious and who aren’t looking for serious relationships and ban strictly the ones who break the rules.

UPDATED 02.04.2020


“No matter how much you want to believe a lady, you cannot know her true intentions. My advice would be not to use site, but if you do, meet lady quickly to find out who she really is. If you do this, you will avoid thousands of dollars wasted on chats, pictures, and emails. It is sad that agency does not do better to ensure that lady is honest and sincere but rather use agency for her needs like photo and english or other benefits. The agency does not refund or provide credits which is sad for customer service as well. It would be good faith on their part so that gentleman does not feel scammed or taken advantage. This can be done easily by agency if they are sincere in their mission. It is not agency fault lady is not honest, but agency is the responsible party for managing how they are percieved and marketed across the world.”

Of course, nowadays online services that aim to get your money are very popular. You should be careful, pay much attention, and remember about red flags that show you the danger. But the author tells about the problem in general. Is it relevant for the website No, it doesn’t relate to the website at all. The website does its best to help people to date, not free for men but free of charge for women. The agency checks women’s documents, matrimony status, and social networks just to be sure that the ladies are really single. Unfortunately, sometimes people write in general and make people doubt but this doesn’t relate to a trusted resource

Josh More

So I've been reading these reviews since last year when I started on uadreams. So far I have seen no one write a review after they have visited the lady or ladies they were communicating with. So I decided it's time for me to write a review. I signed up November 2018 and have spoken with 1 lady and still to this day. I visited her in Lviv in July 2019 and we had a wonderful time. I am still with her and now we communicate through whatsapp without the agency assistance. We are planning our next trip, though not with uadreams as we are now on our own.

I'll start by saying the only con I had with uadreams is the cost of services. It is very expensive, BUT with that said, it is not a secret what you pay. You pay what is shown. So there is no scam in my opinion. This doesnt negate the legitimacy just because it is expensive.

Of course I've had women message me that are 40 years old and much older than me, as I am only 28, so some ladies I do question their intentions, but that happens on any american dating app so I wasn't surprised. There will always be men or women who want to take advantage of other people. But I have to commend uadreams with their immense effort to select people who wont and protect the ladies from sex tourists.

Yulia and I didnt meet at the agency either, it was a very nice and casual trip. We met in one of the town square's. She even bought me a very expensive gift for my birthday. The week I was there, we ate, went bowling, went to the mall, looked at monuments and enjoyed some street performances while eating.

My translator was great. She helped me with everything, she even argued for better prices on things haha.

I do agree with some reviews, that you cant guarantee anything will work out. You cant expect that from any dating agency. Surprisingly, amidst all the negative reviews, uadreams still has a high rating than other American made dating apps. And none have offered the kindness and service uadreams staff has. I can say I am incredibly lucky and have found and met, physically in person, my lady and it's been a great experience. She is the sweetest :)

I cant wait to go back to be with her and meet her family this trip. Also maybe stop by and say hi to my translator Alyona.